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Breaking Down the Mad Men Season 5, Episode 4 Preview: The Men Get Restless

Since Michael Weiner and Co. are so tight-lipped about Mad Men Season 5, we decided to do our own digging for spoilers using the preview for Episode 4: “Mystery Date.” Check out the preview here, and come back to see what we noticed, broken down scene by scene.

Michael Ginsberg (Ben Feldman) gets a seat at the big boys’ table. We see the likes of Don (Jon Hamm), Stan, and what appear to be three potential clients sitting at a handsome conference table in an oak-and-leather club room. How did the new kid earn a spot at this meeting?

Megan (Jessica Paré) looks awfully comfortable in Don's chair. As she slides across the floor, her strange presence at his desk is offset by his Clio award in the background. Who does she think she is?

Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) wants someone (probably Michael) to dazzle her. Of course, we love seeing Peggy in a position of power, but something about the way she defensively crosses her arms makes us worry that Michael is starting to feel like a threat.

“Andrea, this is my wife.” The “other woman” in this scene probably should be Megan. Andrea is much more age-appropriate for Don, and Andrea is the one who looks shocked. In most revelatory scenes like this, the wife is shocked by the presence of the younger, hotter “other woman.” Not on Mad Men.

Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC    

Michael wishes he didn’t see something. Well, he might want to get used to scarring those innocent wide eyes of his. At Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, you’re bound to see something unchaste happening around every corner.

Roger (John Slattery) is restless. We see Roger ease into the hypo-modern design of his office chair, then immediately jump upright and put his feet on the floor. Nothing a cocktail can’t solve...right?

Don gets wise to Michael’s act. We see him in a handsome bar (lots of handsome wooden interiors in this episode), reprimanding Michael, most likely for getting too big for his plaid britches.

“I hate her,” says Sally (Kiernan Shipka) to someone on the phone. It’s odd but we really couldn’t guess who she’s talking about: Megan or Betty (January Jones). And why do we secretly hope Sally is turning on Megan?

Joan’s (Christina Hendricks) in the kitchen wearing black lingerie (mourning the death of her sex life?), telling her mother, “You’re making me very anxious right now.” Of course that old ninny is making our Joanie anxious. Which is why we finally get to see Joan back in the office ASAP.

Anything we missed?

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04.4.2012 / 11:00 PM EDT by Molly Friedman
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