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Jersey Shore

Doppelganger Alert: Pauly D & Mario Lopez, Which One’s Hotter? (PHOTO)

No, sillies, Jersey Shore star Pauly D and Extra host/Dancing With the Stars Season 3 contestant Mario Lopez aren't actually related. After-all, Mario is Mexican and Pauly is, drumroll please...Italian.

Regardless of their backgrounds, after Pauly appeared on Extra in LA yesterday (April 2), we had a time-freezing moment where the whole world stopped, every A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez) scene from Saved By the Bell collided with every Pauly D scene from Jersey Shore, and we realized the two stars' lives must be cosmically aligned. OK, we noticed that they kinda/sorta look alike.

Just look at their similar skin and hair colors, squinty eyes, and adorable/boyish smiles! Which of these lookalikes do you think is hotter? Vote in our poll below!

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