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Dancing With The Stars

DWTS Introduces Judges’ Save In “Dance Duel” — Do You Approve? (UPDATE)

They’ll never please everyone, but bless them for trying.

Dancing With the Stars has taken serious heat in the past few seasons for “good” dancers being eliminated before “bad” ones. Well, on the DWTS Season 14, Week 3 Results Show, host Tom Bergeron introduced a new rule to help change that. First he pointed out that this season the couples are ALL good dancers so it’s almost a moot point. However, he continued, "After next week, and for the subsequent three weeks, the bottom two couples will dance simultaneously for the judges who will then decide who goes. This Dance Duel — wooo! — will give you one last chance for the best dancer to stay in the competition."

But it won’t really give us much of anything other than a chance to accuse each other of not voting for our favorite couples. It will give the judges even more power, which some people will surely hate because they already think the judges have too much power.

We had a poll last October asking if DWTS should initiate a “judges’ save” type option — akin to American Idol — and 61 percent of voters said “No, the judges have enough say.” However, the comments under the poll were in favor of the idea.

So some people will like this idea, some won’t. At least this should tell us the true bottom two, which we are denied each week when Tom tells us the bottom two couples are “in jeopardy” but the second couple may not really have had the lowest combination of judges’ scores and audience votes. Sometimes they just switch up the other couple in the bottom two for dramatic effect.

UPDATE as of April 9: On DWTS Season 14, Week 4, host Tom Bergeron seemed to suggest that the duel will begin on Week 5's Results Show, which airs on Tuesday, April 17 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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