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Dancing With The Stars

DWTS Pro Peta Murgatroyd Reveals Who Donald Driver’s Strongest Competitor Is – Exclusive

Last week, we brought you Part 1 of Wetpaint Entertainment’s exclusive interview with Dancing With the Stars pro Peta Murgatroyd, in which she discussed how it feels to be back in the ballroom. Now, in Part 2, Peta reveals who she thinks is her and partner Donald Driver’s biggest competition, and how the mood and atmosphere is behind the scenes for Season 14.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What are Donald’s biggest strengths?
Peta Murgatroyd: He has quick feet, because he’s a footballer, he runs all around the field. So last week was really good for us. He’s obviously a very strong guy, muscular, so he can lift me — so when we do get to finals we’ll be adding lots of lifts. And definitely another one is his personality — everyone just loves his and everyone just falls in love with him when he’s on the floor.

What’s unique about dancing with an athlete?
I think it’s their ability to be coached, because he can listen to me and hear what I say and he doesn’t go, “Oh, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” So he really takes on board how I correct him and how I want him to look.

What’s your greatest challenge right now?
I want to keep creating routines that are going to look amazing for Donald because everyone has strengths and weaknesses and that’s one of our goals — to choreograph to their strengths. And I want to make the Green Bay Packers fans proud of him!

Who do you think your biggest competition is?
There’s so many good people. Katherine Jenkins and pro partner Mark Ballas stand out. She’s just amazing. I really think that she’s probably one of our biggest competitions.

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It seems like everyone’s super chummy this season. Are you sensing a difference?
I think everyone’s more of a family than last season. Last season was extremely competitive and it’s still competitive this season but everyone hangs out and jokes around and gives pointers to other dancers and is not afraid to share their secrets.

If you weren’t on DWTS what would you be doing?
I think I would be acting. I love that sort of stuff and I really want to get back into it when the season’s over. I’ve done a few commercials and I’ve been on Broadway. I would love to do film and television, but there’s nothing really like a live audience. I definitely feed off that energy that people give you.

Are you feeling more at home than you did last season?
Definitely. I mean, in all aspects really. I have a great partner, I’ve just moved into a great apartment with Oksana (Dmytrenko), a troupe member who’s my friend. I just feel more settled in LA, so things are going well.

Does that affect your work, when you’re more settle in your private life?
I think so. I was going between apartments last season and it takes a toll on you after a while when you’re meant to be working every day and don’t have a stable home life. Now I’ve got everything under control and it feels much better.

Find out who gets sent home tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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