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Dancing With The Stars

Jaleel White’s Rep: Uncomfortable Dance Move Sparked Disagreement With Kym Johnson

There’s been a lot of talk about the alleged fight being exaggerated, but what exactly were Jaleel White and his Dancing With the Stars pro partner Kym Johnson arguing about to begin with?

Jaleel’s manager told RumorFix, “[Jaleel] and Kim were disagreeing over certain dance moves that he didn’t physically feel comfortable doing. Something with his knee that she wanted him to do, and it didn’t feel right and it hurt his knee every time he did it. There was nothing explosive behind it. It was a simple thing that got blown up.”

However, it sounds like Jaleel felt bad about whatever happened, since a source close to the couple told RumorFix, “Jaleel recognized he was out of line — left the studio and made up for it immediately by apologizing to her with a dozen roses.”

According to RumorFix, the incident happened “about a week and a half ago, but it ended minutes later and there are no hard feelings.” They also claim the DWTS cameras taped the spat but chose not to air the footage during the Week 3 Performance Show package. DWTS didn’t air any of the footage Tuesday night either. Jaleel and Kym were announced as “safe” with no further fanfare.

So...just another typical DWTS couple’s spat that got spun out of control? Maksim Chmerkovskiy must be happy that he wasn’t involved, for once (until we dragged him into it just now. Sorry Maks!).

Source: RumorFix