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The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle Speculation: What Is Grant Really Hiding From Diana?

We've had our eye on Grant (Tim Phillipps) from the moment he boated onto The Secret Circle with his impossible to understand (yet adorable!) accent, cleft chin, and money clip full of hundies. Who is this lad from the land down under, and what does he want with our girl Diana (Shelley Hennig)?

The sexy Aussie won Diana over with his die-hard love of champagne flutes and potato guns, but for reasons unknown he lied about being a yuppie yachter. Grant let Diana believe that he was born into a wealthy family and owns a boat, but it turns out he's just some random crew member wandering the vast oceans around Chance Harbor.

If you're dying to know what other secrets Grant has hiding in his boat shoes, check out our list of theories! And yes, this might count as fan fiction.

1. He's a witch hunter.
Call us crazy, but last time an innocent muggle started dating a member of the Circle, he turned out to be a witch hunter wearing a pig mask. Don't forget that Grant rolled into town right when Eben and his cronies took up residence in the woods — coincidence? We think not. Plus, we already know that witch hunters like to hang out on boats (see Jake circa a few weeks ago), which is totally Grant's jam!

2. He's a demon worm.
From what we can tell, demon worms have little to no self control and speak in low, guttural voices — which pretty much knocks Grant out of the running. But what if he's an advanced species of demon worm who's mastered the art of disguise? Even John Blackwell is terrified of these evil creatures, so there must be more to them than meets the eye. Perhaps he only wants to date Diana so that he can infest her and steal her magic!

3. He's a manwitch!
It's entirely possible that Grant is a manwitch from a neighboring town in the Pacific Northwest, whose coven sent him to investigate the Circle. This means he could be either a friend or an enemy, but one thing's for sure — he and his studly smile are not to be trusted! (Real talk: We only trust men who wear leather.)

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04.4.2012 / 01:58 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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