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Dancing With The Stars

The Truth Behind Jaleel White’s Breakdown on DWTS Season 14, Week 3 – Exclusive

By now you’ve probably heard of Jaleel White’s alleged fight with Dancing With the Stars pros Kym Johnson and Mark Ballas. (If you are still catching up, read up on the report here.)

While Jaleel and Kym have both said that the report was “blown out of proportion” and Mark has said that his involvement in the argument was “completely fabricated,” we couldn’t help but notice Jaleel’s fragile emotional state when he broke down into tears after he performed with partner Kym on Season 14, Week 3: Performance show on Monday. Are the rumors starting to get to him? Wetpaint Entertianment spoke exclusively to Jaleel’s manager to find out the truth behind the tears.

"Jaleel was emotional because that character, Stefan Urquelle, meant a lot to him,” White’s manager said. “It took him out of the nerd thing and showed the world he was a leading man. People were finally able to see him in a different light and that was a huge deal for him." (Jaleel's Most Memorable Year Dance was inspired by the first time he played Stefan, Urkel's smooth alter ego, on Family Matters.)

As for the reports of a “heated” fight, Jaleel’s manager defended the TV star.

"You know, it’s a situation where he's rehearsing seven days a week, then doing interviews and press and not sleeping very much,” he said. “On top of that, he's been hounded by the press about all this stuff that isn't true. Of course, it's going to take a toll on him."

Credit: Adam Taylor/ ABC    

"It's disappointing because the rehearsal studio is supposed to be a sanctum of learning and peace. But you have people leaking false stories out of there trying to damage someone's reputation. That's just insane to me."

It’s the same sentiment that Jaleel and Kym said when they worked the press line after DWTS. They both admitted that it had been a “stressful week” but the two of them are getting along perfectly now. (Jaleel even jokingly refers to Kym as his “wife,” and said that the two went to go get manicures together before the show.)

Jaleel’s manager reminded us that every couple has tension behind-the-scenes.

"Has there ever been a season where a celebrity and their partner haven't had a little bit of tension at some point? No. It's normal."

Whatever the backstage drama was or wasn’t, you can’t deny that Kym and Jaleel knocked it out of the park on Monday night’s episode. Watch their sexy Stefan-inspired Rumba below.

With additional reporting by Beth Sobol.

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