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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Top 7 Bethenny Ever After Quotes From Season 3, Episode 7: “You Look Good, No Matter How Many Vaginas You Have on Your Face”

Sassy skinny girl Bethenny Frankel is back with her biting one-liners and hilarious sayings. Here’s our countdown of the top 10 quotes from Bethenny Ever After Season 3, Episode 7: “All Da Boats."

7. Bethenny: “On the internet, everything gets picked up, it’s literally like a virus. I could write today that I’m having Hugh Grant’s baby and tomorrow it would be on the front page of a magazine that people pay money for, and they would think that it’s true.”

So long as you don’t mention Divine Brown

6. Ellen DeGeneres: “What are you trying to say ‘All the boats?’”
Bethenny: “What did you think I was trying to say, ‘Spaghetti and meatballs?’”

To be fair, Bethenny’s baby voice is difficult to understand.

5. Bethenny: “I remember a bidet shooting up into your wazu, this is like washing yourself in a basin. This isn’t even functional.”

Seriously, do people still use bedays anyway?

4. Bethenny [to Jason]: “If I hear a buzzer, I think you’re shaving your face, not your balls.”

Hopefully you’ve learned your lesson now.

3. Bethenny: “You know what I should do? I should just name a cocktail the Skinnygirl Panty Dropper.”

And next comes Skinnygirl birth control...

2. Bethenny: “I need ice cream after that day.”
Bryn: “No.”

She is the daughter of the Skinnygirl maven after all!

1. Bethenny [to Jason]: “You look good, no matter how many vaginas you have on your face.”

Now that’s true love.