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The Voice

What’s Next for Charlotte Sometimes, Moses Stone, Naia Kete, and Sera Hill? Eliminated Voice Contestants Tell All – Exclusive!

The Voice turned into the cracked voice after the first live show contestants were sent packing on April 3. After the show, Wetpaint Entertainment got a chance to catch up with some of the eliminated singers and get their take on what went wrong and what happens now.

Naia Kete was holding back tears as she slowly came to terms with the fact that her journey on Team Blake Shelton had ended.

“For a minute there my fate was in someone else’s hands, and it’s weird to have that,” she told Wetpaint Entertainment. “Even though I’m not moving forward in the competition there’s some relief in it, because for while I didn’t know what was happening with my life. Now I get to regroup and take my life back and figure out my next step.”

Though Kete enjoyed her time on the show, the one thing she won’t miss is the pressure that she faced as a contestant. “Even when you go into a label meeting, there’s a certain amount of pressure, but nothing like you experience here,” she said. “So it was a lot to get used to. But I’m excited to have gotten this far.”

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC NBC Universal, Inc.    

Team Christina Aguilera’s Moses Stone thinks America needed more time to get a grasp of his talent. “I think a lot of times with America, when you’re something new, people can’t grab it all in at once,” he told us. “But I feel like the next person to come on and do what I do, I’m definitely paving the way for them.”

Despite not being picked out of the bottom three contestants, the rapper from Washington, DC has no hard feelings towards his mentor.

“I plan on emailing her because I’d love to work on some music with her,” he told us. “She pushed me vocally, she took me out of my comfort zone. We decided on certain songs that people would not expect me to do, and it pushed me. Made me work harder.”

Hardest hit by the early elimination seemed Sera Hill, who brought out the big guns (that’s Mariah Carey in the singing competition world, FYI) when she sang "Vision of Love," but didn’t make it to the next round.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC NBC Universal, Inc.    

“Everything happens the way it’s supposed to,” she said, her eyes welling up. “Everything is predestined and this was as far as I was supposed to come. I think I left with a little bang, and it’s good.”

Hill admitted to Wetpaint Entertanment that she was still in shock and trying to come to terms with the fact that she was heading home.

“I’m still thinking about it, and taking it all in. But I’m not going to stop singing. It’s what I love to do.”

Team Blake’s other eliminated contestant, Charlotte Sometimes, says her take-away from The Voice was a stronger realization about who she is as an artist.

“Do your thing, be yourself, make no apologies,” she told us about lessons learned. And when all else fails, by way of making sense of it all, hit the tequila.

“I’m going to the bar,” laughed Charlotte. “I’m going to hang out with my boyfriend and my family, and just have a good time and celebrate the fact that I got to be a part of this awesome show.”

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