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The Voice

Which Voice Contestants Will Be Sent Home in Tonight’s Elimination Show, April 3, 2012?

First off, there is a distinct difference between contestants who should be voted off and who will be voted off.

For example, Team Blake’s RaeLynn had no control, struggled with breathing, and was disturbingly sexual for being the youngest contestant on The Voice Season 2, but though she “won” our elimination poll, there’s no way she’s going home tonight.

Her vocal (and physical) similarities to Blake Shelton’s wife Miranda Lambert have cast a spell on him. So, even if she makes it into the bottom three tonight, we doubt Blake would send her home.


America received little guidance after the judges barely gave any criticism. Blake thought everyone was “awesome,” and Cee Lo was too busy with his wig to say anything substantial.

Anytime Adam went to give a critique, he would end it with a phrase like, “But what do I know?” Well Adam, you’re supposed to know a lot. That’s why they made you a judge on this show!

The only judge who attempted to show her real opinions was Christina Aguilera. Her “diva” face makes it impossible to hide true feelings, and we appreciate that. But where is the Simon Cowell of The Voice? We want honesty! We want opinions! And we want them now, dammit!

The show started off with the lively Jermaine Paul, who sounded strained and close to shouting while he sang “Livin’ on a Prayer.” It was hard to hear him over the powerful house band and lights show illuminating the stage, but who cares? The blind auditions are over so we can forget about “The Voice,” right?

Then, opera singer Chris Mann actually blew us away with a talent-filled, heartfelt rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” which turned out to be the best performance of the night. But go ahead and place his immense vocal talents against bubbly RaeLynn’s terrifying gyrations and horrific lower register, and sadly, blondie will win every time.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC NBC Universal, Inc.    

After RaeLynn came the energetic Moses Stone. He definitely has a spot on Top 40 radio and could potentially end up being more successful than any Voice contestant thus far, but his vocal range is nothing to write home about.

After tilting the battle round completely toward Naia Kete’s genre last week, Blake tried to prove that Naia isn’t just a reggae singer by forcing her to sing an Adele song. Unfortunately, Naia is just a reggae singer and her performance was incredibly weak.

After wowing us in the blind auditions and boring us in the battle rounds, we were excited to see what Lindsey Pavao would bring to the live shows. Though her performance probably had the highest production value, her vocals were nothing special. But the singer seems to be a fan favorite and will definitely bring in the Twilight vote.

We’re not quite sure what image NBC producers are looking for when they promote Jordis Unga. She’s a former rocker, a fur coat-wearing diva, and also incredibly nervous and vulnerable. This confusion translates into her performances. Jordis can hit a mean high note and hold an I-have-to-use-the-bathroom rocker pose like a pro.

Now, to our girl Sera Hill. We’re not quite sure why more people don’t like this Georgia native. She’s talented, classy, soulful, and can turn any song into a Mary J. Blige song, but for some reason, she doesn’t seem to be a fan favorite.

Erin Willett is a great singer and has fantastic presence, but Blake irritated Christina and the rest of the nation when he wouldn’t let it go that her’s was “the best performance of the night.” Modesty is the best policy, Blake.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC NBC Universal, Inc.    

We love the young talent of Ashley De La Rosa. Though she’s the same age as RaeLynn, no one treats her like a 5-year-old teen pageant contestant because she’s not a gimmick — she’s the real deal. She still has room to grow as a vocalist, but we want to see more of her down the line.

Charlotte Sometimes can put on a great show. Her impressive vocal control makes her Team Blake’s strongest contestant and her infectious sense of humor won us over episodes ago.

Last night the judges marked Jesse Campbell as the “dude to beat.” Yes, Jesse has a great voice and a tragic back story (two necessary ingredients in a winner), but we’ve seen his type of contestant far too often.

In fact, he’s very similar to last year’s winner Javier Colon. And what is Javier doing these days, you ask? Well, after his album flopped, he has been preparing himself to make a guest appearance on The Voice Season 2.

America, do The Voice a favor and vote for a more interesting contestant this time.

Contestants Who Should Be Eliminated:

Team Blake
Naia Kete

Team Christina
Moses Stone
Lindsey Pavao

Contestants Who Will Be Eliminated:

Team Blake
Naia Kete
Jordis Unga

Team Christina
Moses Stone
Ashley De La Rosa

What do you think of these predictions? Comment below!

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