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Bones Season 7 Spoilers: Finale Will Be A “Nail Biter” — Plus: Does Emily Deschanel’s Son Look Like Her?

If you're still hyperventilating over the birth of Baby Bones, it's time to pull yourself together because the fun is just beginning! Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) will have to adjust to living with a baby, which Emily Deschanel says will help their relationship blossom like a big pregnant belly (sorry, babies on the brain).

“I don’t really think the relationship is going to change, but just develop a little more," Emily tells HelloGiggles (her adorkable sis Zooey Deschanel's lifestyle blog). "They have always been like an old married couple, where they depend on each other. Their characters grow and form based on the other, where they are able to change but they still are based off of each other.”

So, will a walk down the aisle ever be in Booth and Brennan's future? “Similar to the answer before, it really depends on each other," Emily says. "Like, they both said they didn’t want children, but here they are. But if they did get married, it would probably be at the end of the series.”

The end of the series? Really? We were hoping more for the end of this season. Oh well.

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Emily also talked a bit about her real-life family, including if she thinks that her 6 month old baby Henry looks more like her, or his papa, David Hornsby? “At first he looked like David, but babies change almost daily. Sometimes he looks like my dad, sometimes a little bit of me, but we will just have to wait until he is older to see who he looks like.”

The interview continues with Michaela Conlin (Angela) dropping some tantazling teases on what to expect in Bonesupcoming Season 7 finale. "I just got the script tonight and I’ve been shooting all night so I haven’t had a chance to look at it," Michaela tells HelloGiggles.

"TJ [Hodgins] read it and he just told me it is really good, but apparently it’s a nail biter. I think it is going to be intense and dramatic; sometimes they’re winsome and funny, but I think this one there has some serious drama going on, from what I can tell.”

Our prediction? The triumphant return of Christopher Pellant and his bone chip computer! (But to what dastardly end?!)

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