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Dancing With The Stars

Donald Driver and Roshon Fegan Challenge William Levy’s Hotness With “Ab-Off”

William Levy may be getting all the screams in the ballroom on Dancing With the Stars Season 14, but fellow competitors Roshon Fegan and Donald Driver say that they are willing to go head-to-head — or rather, ab-to-ab — against the Cuban heartthrob.

"William knows the ladies love us, but they love him a little bit more because he took his clothes off," Donald told People Magazine. "I haven't taken my clothes off yet. I'm going to pace myself and talk to the wife and if the wife agrees then I will take it off."

Hm, is Donald saying that he could elicit similar eardrum-bursting screams in the ballroom if he simply removed his clothes? He is a football player, so you know he’s got a good body under those satin shirts they keep putting him in. (Also, how adorable is it that he wants to ask his wife for advice first? Cute!)

Roshon also says that he is willing to strip on the ballroom … once he gets some muscles. "I'll be taking my shirt off,” Roshon told People. “It's going to be an ab-off! I'm coming for ya, William. You better run!"

Why stop with Roshon and Donald? Let's have the male pros compete in the ab-off as well! We know that studly Val Chmerkovskiy hasn’t been able to keep his shirt 100% on this season (not that we are complaining!) and we’re sure that fellow pros Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Mark Ballas, Derek Hough, and Tristan MacManus could also be down to do ab ab-battle with hot thunder-stealing William. Let’s have all the men on the show dance shirtless!

Hey, we’re just putting it out there. It’s like The Secret, maybe it will come true.

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Source: People

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