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The Voice’s Blake Shelton Ignites Twitter War After Journalist Slams RaeLynn’s Performance

The Voice’s Blake Shelton takes care of his team, which was very apparent last night when he got into a Twitter war defending his youngest contestant, RaeLynn.

It all started with a review of Monday night’s performances from the first live show from

The part in question came when the writer contested America’s decision to keep RaeLynn in the top three on Team Blake.

“So let's talk about RaeLynn for a second because after Team Cee Lo's Erin Martin, RaeLynn has the voice that makes me cringe the hardest,” the article read.

“Now, if I found myself locked in a room with the choice between Erin Martin or RaeLynn being played on a loop until death mercifully found me, I'd have to go with RaeLynn, but there is no way, America — no way — that her floppy, incomprehensible rendition of ‘Wake Up Call’ was better than Jordis Unga's ‘Alone.’”

Sure, the article was pretty harsh, but these contestants are in a competition supposedly up for criticism by the judges and by extension, America.

But Blake Shelton wasn’t having it.

Last night, the country singer tweeted, “What kind of person is low enough to write mean things about a 17 year old girl just trying to do her best? This one...,” with a link to the article.

He continued tweeting saying, “Can you believe a grown adult feels good about making a living trashing kids following their dreams while hiding behind their laptop? Sad..”

Seemingly unable to move on, Blake tweeted, “I wish all I had to do in life was lay around on my big ass judging the people who try while eatin' extra movie theatre butter pop-secret...”

A reader with the Twitter handle @Marc_Spector (who did not write the critique in question) then responded, “@blakeshelton Aren't they presenting themselves to be judged? Are you arguing that the criticism should be more constructive?”

Blake quickly responded, “‘@Marc_Spector: Aren't they presenting themselves to be judged?’ Judged not bashed... This shit is hard. And THAT deserves respect.”

The two continued to argue until Marc finally tweeted, “I am currently feeling the wrath of #teamblake because I dared to ask a quesiton (sic).”

The tweeter continued to respond to Team Blake supporters through the evening until 4 a.m. He also tried to make it clear that he did not write the article.

#teamblake You guys know I didn't write the negative review of RaeLynn, right? I do agree with it though,” he tweeted.

How did young RaeLynn take the battle? She doesn’t seem to be taking the criticism to heart. Soon after her coach defended her, RaeLynn tweeted, “Ha poor Marc. Hehe :)”

What do you think of the fight? Should the judges give more criticism or should America respect the effort each contestant is putting forth? Vote below!

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04.5.2012 / 10:37 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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