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The Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers: Details on the “Zombie Sanctuary”

Are you ready for some scoop on The Walking Dead Season 3? As fans will recall, the Season 2 finale ended with an ominous shot of a hooded figure walking towards Andrea with two armless walkers on chain leashes. Who is this character, and where does he or she come from?

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Those of you who have read the comics (or just read about the comics) know that the mysterious new character is fan favorite Michonne, and she will most likely lead our survivors to a kind of sanctuary, away from zombies, that is far more stable than Hershel’s farm.

According to Georgia’s Times-Herald (The Walking Dead is filmed in and around Senoia, Georgia), “[Senoia] will become a town that is a sanctuary from the zombie’re in a safe environment. If you’re outside it, you’re not.”

While Walking Dead's cast and crew usually make themselves at home at Raleigh-RiverWood Studios in Senoia, the enclosed community will feature so prominently in the first half of Season 3 that TWD location manager Mike Riley says, “Once the town is established, it becomes a recurring location for us.”

For the Season 3 premiere, Mike says, “We’ll be filming in Senoia, for eight days...We may be doing some filming at night in that episode.”

But perhaps the most intriguing bit of set information is the massive construction of a “temporary, movable perimeter wall...It will look like a gate [made from] various paraphernalia — old tires, doors.”

For a hint at what the elaborate new set could look like, click here to see what the Walking Dead comics cooked up.

Sources: Times-Herald, TWD Wiki

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