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Dancing With The Stars

What a Tease! Playgirl Claims That Many More X-Rated William Levy Pics Are Out There

Just in case you were worried that those X-rated photos (NSFW) of Dancing With the Stars’ resident Latin loverboy William Levy were the only ones out there, Playgirl has revealed that a whole bunch of them haven’t been released yet.

According to Playgirl marketing vice president Daniel Nardicio, “Maybe more photos will not be released, but they are out there.” He continued, “I find that guys who like to show their junk, show it a lot. It's very rare for someone to do just one shoot — trust me, he's probably got a phone full of pics of his business."

Frankly, we have a feeling he’s right. William looked awfully comfortable in those barely-there thongs he wore in the NSFW shoot we’ve already seen. If he was a struggling actor/model for a while, as he has said, and one of his, um, talents was showing off his assets, then surely we’ll come across more naked Loverboy Levy photos.

Once they’re found, we won’t hesitate to post them for your (and our) enjoyment.

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Source: Huffington Post

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