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The Vampire Diaries

What to Expect in Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 19, “Heart of Darkness”: A Detailed Analysis of the Promo Video

Were you too busy Googling the song in the promo video for Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 19, “Heart of Darkness” to take in what was actually going on? Well, then, you missed shirtless Damon (Ian Somerhalder). For shame. But don’t worry, we managed to make it through all 30 seconds of the video (after rewinding that part a few times, of course), and we have all the important details for you. Oh, and that song? It’s Nik Ammar’s “Turn It Back.”

0:01 Jeremy asks, “You traveled halfway across the country to talk to a dead vampire?”
Elena: Uh, and to see you, of course. I’ve totally missed you, little bro!

0:02 Damon wins first place in the grammar rodeo by using the word “redundant”
You would think Jeremy would be smarter after leaving the ramshackle Mystic Falls High School, where teachers are also murders and classes are held once every 10 episodes.

0:05 Fireplace shot
Let’s not stick anyone’s hand in it this episode, OK?

0:06 Jeremy lives in a hovel
Great, Elena sent her brother to stay in a Motel 6.

0:07 Jeremy feels a presence
“Rose is here.” Someone’s been watching Long Island Medium!

0:08 Elena gives the ghost a side-eye
She’s totally jealous of Rose’s intimate death scene with Damon.

0:09 Rose is Team Delena
Lexi and Rose are about to get in a ghostly ‘shipper war.

0:10 Jeremy looks perturbed
This ghost whisperer so doesn’t want to play matchmaker for his sister and Damon.

0:12 Stefan hangs out behind bars (and not the drinking kind)
This is what one does when his ex and his brother are on a road trip.

0:12 Elena looks at a bare-chested Damon from her bed
Jeremy, aren’t you supposed to be chaperoning these two?

0:13 Elena tells Damon, “Stefan thinks I have feelings for you”
Stefan and everyone else in Mystic Falls

0:15 Damon requests an answer
Yeah, do you have feelings for Damon?

0:16 Stefan’s fist comes at the camera
Someone got punched! Maybe Elena’s answer to Damon was, “Yes”?

0:17 Batter up
Aluminum bat meets shin, body meets floor

0:18 Is this The Secret Circle?
It certainly looks like some witchy woo is going down. Esther, is that you?

0:18 Hot hookup
Tyler’s and Caroline’s lips meet again.

0:19 Stefan’s emo voiceover
Is he writing this in his journal?

0:20 Gratuitous hand-holding
That look like scratchy motel comforter to us...

0:21 Stefan looking sad
Nope, he’s not writing this in his journal.

0:22 Elena’s peacefully sleeping alone

0:23 Damon slips into bed with Elena
OMG, is there motel sex in their future?

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04.5.2012 / 09:04 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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