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American Idol

American Idol 2012 Recap of the Top 8 Elimination on April 5, 2012: DeAndre Brackensick Goes Home!

Tonight our Top 8 will become a measly Top 7, unless someone gets the always-dramatic Judges’ Save. But who will be in danger? We won’t find out for the better part of an hour, unfortunately. In the meantime, we get to learn about Joshua Ledet’s health (he might pass out) and Jennifer Lopez’s new video (dancy and sexy and fun). She looks amazing in the clip they show; she’s alternately wearing a million different outfits, one of which is mostly body paint and glitter.

First to get results are duet partners Joshua and Jessica Sanchez. Jimmy Iovine says: Joshua gets “10s all over” and Jessica needed a more powerful song. Joshua’s safe, so if he passes out, at least he’ll do it while sitting on the couch. And Jessica’s also safe, although Ryan fakes her out by saying “you are the first person... to join Joshua on the couches.” Tricky!

The Wanted are here to sing “Glad You Came.” It’s fun; they’re pretty cute guys. The performance is entertaining enough and the crowd is into it, but we kind of liked it more when the Warblers sang it on Glee.

More results! Skylar Laine and Colton Dixon are next in the proverbial hot seat. Jimmy says: Skylar could win the competition if she continues giving performances like last night’s and Colton was good last night, but not great. Hollie Cavanagh and DeAndre Brackensick are invited up, too. Jimmy says: Hollie’s in trouble after her flat performance and DeAndre needs to grow at a much faster pace than he has been. And DeAndre’s the first contestant in the Bottom 3. Colton’s safe, of course. Which leaves Hollie and Skylar. It’s has to be Hollie in the Bottom 3, right? Right! Sklyar’s safe.

Credit: Michael Becker/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Kellie Pickler in the house! She looks cute, and her song is funny — it includes the lyric “Where’s Tammy Wynette when you need her?” Our eternal question! Vocally, Kellie’s never been particularly impressive, but she’s charming, and she joins the contestants on the couch halfway through the performance and gets some amusing reactions from Colton and Phillip Phillips.

Time for Elise Testone and Phillip to get their results. No way it’s Phillip in the Bottom 3, right? Unless his fans got complacent and Elise’s were panic-stricken, we guess. But still. Jimmy says: Phillip had his worst performance of the season and Elise just had an “old-fashioned choke.” Ryan asks Elise and Phillip what they think and they’re both kind of like “eh, I’m actually awesome,” which is true. Elise heads over to the stools and is almost immediately left alone with DeAndre, as Hollie’s sent back to the couches.

The judges are skeptical about the Bottom 2. Steven Tyler says America got it wrong, while Randy Jackson and Jen both say it’s “half and half.” And the person with the lowest number of votes is... DeAndre! His Please Save Me performance is fun and he seems really chilled out, and the audience really wants him to be saved, but no luck. We’re kind of bummed, but mostly because this weekend is Easter and we had a resurrection joke all ready to go if the judges used the save. Oh well. So long, DeAndre!

What do you think? Did America make the right decision? Did the judges?

04.6.2012 / 07:59 AM EDT by Tracy Fusaro
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