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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Pad Season 3: Our Dream Cast (Including Courtney Robertson, Ali Fedotowsky, and Roberto Martinez)

Nick Peterson
Speaking of! Nick was also wasted on The Bachelorette — honestly, it’s like Ashley didn’t even see the potential. We’ve been watching Nick’s workout videos, and while they haven’t actually motivated us to move off the couch, they have motivated us to add him to this list. No summer guilty pleasure is complete without an “Adonis” by the pool — Nick, you’re tagged in.

Jeremy Anderson
We need some “veterans” in this cast and one good one would be DeAnna Pappas’ third favorite bachelor, Jeremy. He’s smart enough to be a good strategist and he’d probably have some clever barbs to make to the camera while manipulating people to do what he wants. Maybe he’d be this season’s Blake Julian.

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Ashley Spivey
Ashley is a spitfire and she’d be fun support for Team Shawntel. She tried to play peacemaker between Melissa and Raichel on their season of The Bachelor and she defended BFF Ashley Hebert while she was The Bachelorette. We know she’s opinionated and she’d probably have fun teasing all the boys, then going home to Scott Wheaton. She’s a popular one out there and maybe she could build a strong alliance. (Tip: Get rid of the power couples!)

Roberto Martinez and Ali Fedotowsky
Think about it! They are too classy to be the new Jake and Vienna, but if we put them together again … maybe they’d reconnect? If they say no — and of course they’d say no — maybe just twist Roberto’s arm to go alone? A single Roberto could be great for drama. Blakely would probably make a serious move and Courtney might enjoy his hair.

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Emily O'Brien
If Courtney is there, Emily should be there. We need fights! Emily has a “gangsta” side to her, and BP3 could use a good gangsta. She’s smart and strong-willed... and not above stirring up drama if she’s not into someone.

Blakeley Shea
As Courtney said, “She’s the girl your boyfriend cheats on you with,” so consider her an automatic in for Bachelor Pad. She’ll cry. She’ll make someone else cry. She’ll be comforted by a steady stream of men who just want to see her in a bathing suit.

Jenna Burke
To redeem herself. Or not. Hopefully not! But seriously, Jenna is reality TV gold. Would she have a Michelle Money transformation or fall deeper into the emotional pit, a la Melissa Schreiber?

Justin "Rated-R" Rego
Now, now — give him a chance. If someone from BP2 returns, it should be Rated R. He never belonged on The Bachelorette to begin with and he was robbed a chance to truly come into his own as a dastardly villain when he was ousted on the first episode of BP2. Someone needs to make a speech about getting rid of the power couples and instead of Gia, it should be Justin.

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Erica Rose
We lied. Two people need to return because Erica deserves another shot, even if it’s just to drool over the likes of Nick and Mickey. Plus, she’d probably clash with Courtney. Courtney is only half as clever and dry-witted as Princess Erica — and that needs to be shown.

Ryan Mickey McLean
His perfect Hottest Bachelor bod was wasted on The Bachelorette. He needs a bigger showcase. He seems confident in himself and he was bold enough to challenge Ashley Hebert then walk out when he didn’t like where things were headed. But really he’s just on his list for looks.

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney    

Let the games begin ... on July 23, 2012!

Bachelor Pad Season 3 has a lot to live up to. That BP2 cast! Unbelievable. ABC can’t clone Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi, and Kasey Kahl (thank goodness!), and it’s unlikely we’ll ever find a Holly Durst/Michael Stagliano/Blake Julian love triangle again, but we can always try.

So here are some early options — some realistic, some pure fantasy — for Bachelor and Bachelorette alumni to fight for $250,000 on BP3. The dream cast won’t be complete until we meet the guys of The Bachelorette Season 8, but here’s an early start...

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Shawntel Newton
Already gave some reasons here, but #1 is revenge. She’d have backing on BP3, instead of being outnumbered by Ben Flajnik’s b*tchy beauties. She’s not really a dramatic person, but she’s not afraid to jump into the fray for the sake of good TV — and she won’t burst into tears and run if someone dares speak back to her.

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Courtney Robertson
If she really is just trying to be Michelle Money, maybe she’s trying to find a Graham Bunn to connect with on BP3. The cameras could follow her around as she twirls her hair and takes shots at the other contestants. Maybe she would bond with Justin Rego, if he returned.

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