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Glee Project’s Lindsay Pearce, Cameron Mitchell, and Bryce Vine Share Their Advice for Season 2 Contestants — Exclusive

Just days after the cast for Glee Project 2 was announced, Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with a few of our favorites from the Oxygen show’s inaugural season at the Now Now Next Awards : Cameron Mitchell, Bryce Vine, and Lindsay Pearce. Check out what these three former contestants have to say about the new crop of talent, their advice for Season 2 contestants, and new details about their latest projects (and roommates!):

Do you guys have any tips for the new Glee Project contestants?
Cameron: I just hope that they take care of themselves while they are on the show because it’s hard. It’s grueling and intense mentally and physically and you know they just need to take care of themselves. I lived off of Emergen-C’s so let’s hope they do the same.
Bryce: Don’t let it stress you out to the point where it’s not fun anymore because it’s supposed to be fun. Just the drama of it kind of makes it feel like oh my god this is like the last chance, but it’s not, people should remember that.
Lindsay: There is a life after Glee Project!
Bryce: It even seems like after you walk out that door, when you’ve left the show, that there’s like a firing squad out there or something like that, like that’s it, you’re never going to see this person again.
Lindsay: It did feel like that. I was like I’m never going to see Bryce again, it was awful, but it was amazing. I would just say to be yourself and always 100% take care of yourself physically, emotionally and mentally and do your best and work your hardest.

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Do you have any early favorites or one that you hope will win?
Cameron: Yeah there’s this guy I really like his name is Blake, he’s really good. I think he’s really talented.
Bryce: Who is the Asian one?
Cameron: Abraham.
Bryce: Abraham, he’s dope, he just has a lot of charisma to me. I liked him immediately.
Lindsay: I know some of them so I don’t think I can say! I don’t know… Nelly has a really special place in my heart and Mr. Ford sang “Uptown Girl” to me when he auditioned so he was really sweet so I have a little soft spot for them.

Cameron, the last time Wetpaint Entertainment spoke to you there was mention of maybe an album in your future, where are you at with that?
Cameron: Yeah, still working on it, I’ve written several songs. Me and Bryce did a track together, it’s really cool. So yeah, still working on that, still talking to labels, and you know it’s definitely a long process but I’m still working on it and hopefully this will be my year. I’m excited.

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I know you moved into a new place….
Cameron: Yeah me and Damian [McGinty]!

Tell me what that’s like!
Cameron: We got a house in the hills, which is really cool. But, man, living with him is something that everyone needs to experience. It’s just so interesting. It’s great because we never, he’s so easy going, we just tell each other everything. I don’t know, we really are, it’s like brothers. It’s really weird!

Bryce, who are you still close with from Glee Project?
Bryce: Cameron and Damian, actually everyone that’s here now. Like on a regular basis, like I’m at their place more than I’m at my own. It’s starting to frustrate them!

Maybe they need a third roommate?
Bryce: We were all going to live together originally but I just didn’t have the finances to do it immediately.

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Lindsay, how is Spring Awakening going?
Lindsay: It’s amazing! It’s absolutely incredible, I’m in it with some of the best people in the world Janel Parish from Pretty Little Liars is in it, she just got signed on to PLL as a season regular which is incredible, that’s like an actors dream. She’s amazing!

What has the fan response been like?
Lindsay: Amazing, I was actually pleasantly surprised at how positive the fan response was. It’s just been absolutely incredible and I couldn’t have asked to be a part of a better show and a better cast and production.

And what is up after Spring Awakening?
Lindsay: I can’t say!

What about you, Bryce?
Bryce: Yeah working on music, writing, performing. I’ve got a lot coming up with music which is what I wanted to do originally so it’s great.

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