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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Songs: Music From Season 8, Episodes 18: “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

Relationships come and go, characters die or move on to other shows, but one thing we can always count on with Grey's Anatomy is that the music will be great. So check out the tunes from Season 8, Episode 18: “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” If you download these songs, perhaps you, too, will have the perfect soundtrack for when times get tough.

Artist: Anna Ternheim
Song: "What Have I Done"
Album: What Have I Done - Single
Scene: Opening montage
You are my everything
My head and my heart mind my wing
I couldn't give all again
I'm never sure
of anything
with you

Artist: Theme Park
Song: "Wax"
Album: Wax EP
Scene: The residents look at the hearts, everyone chats, and Cristina shoos then out of the lab.
We got the love
We got the night
We got the time
We got the fight

Artist: Poliça
Song: "Amongster"
Album: Give You the Ghost
Scene: Derek lectures Lexie about Mark, Alex receives texts from Morgan, Bailey overhears Mer and Owen.
Amongst the trees, amongst my freedom
My hands are red, I have been bleeding
What will happen, what will happen when I seduce you, teacher
Yes to greyhound rides, no to you by my side
I don’t need you, I don't need anyone
Come back
Come back

Artist: Winterpills
Song: "Are You Sleeping"
Album: Tuxedo Of Ashes
Scene: Alex talks to Morgan, Mer and Cristina eat ice cream.
Are you sleeping?
I thought I heard you moving.
I thought I heard you breathing.
Are you dreaming?
I thought I saw your eyes move
Underneath your eyelids.

Artist: Snow Patrol
"The Weight of Love"
Fallen Empires
Closing montage.
And you love the little signs of life
You love it when we lose our minds
You love these little wars
You love it when they call your name, your name

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