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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Speculation: Are Damon and Elena Going to Hook Up in Season 3, Episode 19, “Heart of Darkness”?

It seems The Vampire Diaries producers love a Damon (Ian Somerhalder)/Elena (Nina Dobrev) road trip as much as some fans, because they always find a way to get the duo to travel great distances by car. First of all, isn’t Damon rich? Can’t he just buy them plane tickets? Second of all, isn’t Damon rich? Can’t he afford anything better than the cheap motel it looks like he and Elena are bedding down in in the promo for Season 3, Episode 19, “Heart of Darkness”?

D and E head to Colorado to see Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), and while the video is full of interesting moments, there are lots of little “will they/won’t they” teases that we’re going to focus on here. First, Damon struts around in an unbuttoned shirt. Nothing new, but the promo makes it seem like Elena is eyeing him like 1912-era Stefan (Paul Wesley) ogled Edwardian blood donors — and she’s doing it from a bed! Then there’s a shot of one hand taking another on what looks suspiciously like a generic motel comforter. It could be Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Caroline (Candice Accola) — but something tells us she has better taste than that. (In bed linens, not in hybrids.)

Finally, Damon straight up slips under the covers with Elena. Sure, they’ve slept together (platonically) before, but there’s something about a cheap motel and tawdry sex that seem to go together, right? Additionally, there’s a TV Line blind item that says a couple from a hit show is finally hooking up this season. According to the spoiler, “fans will either love it or hate it; there will be no in-between,” which sounds like Stelena and Delena fans to a tee, right?

There are some caveats with this speculation. TV Line says the sexy scene isn’t going to happen until May, so the motel sleepover could be laying the groundwork for Damon and Elena — or not. In Season 3, Episode 20, Elena invites Stefan to the Decade Dance. They have some tender moments together, and that doesn’t seem like Elena’s style if she just rolled in the hay with his big brother.

Or maybe what happens in Denver stays in Denver?

Source: TVLine

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