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The Vampire Diaries

15 Things to Do While You’re Waiting for The Vampire Diaries to Return

We’ve entered what is perhaps one of the most frustrating periods of TV viewing: a hiatus before a big finale.

While we can’t help but feel cheated out of our weekly hour of intimacy with the folks from Mystic Falls, we realize that yes, there are reasons the show has to go on hiatus. Still, it doesn’t make filling that Thursday night void seem any easier. So, after careful consideration, we’ve come up with a few ideas to help pass the the time a little less painfully.

The Vampire Diaries returns on Thursday, April 26!

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1. Make like Ian Somerhalder (Damon) and find a good cause to which you can donate your time. An animal shelter, perhaps? Or donate to any one of the cast's favorite charities.

2. Ogle Ian using power tools.

3. Scour our spoiler roundup for details on the next episode: Season 3, Episode 19, "Heart of Darkness." You know you want to!

4. Contemplate what's up with Sage (caution: spoilers ahead).

5. Okay, so maybe you can't hang with the TVD cast, but you can look at pics of besties Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) and Candice Accola (Caroline Forbes) hanging on and off set!

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6. Listen to Paul Wesley speaking Polish. Rowr. This video never gets old.

7. Relive Ian and Nina's road to romance.

8. Commit all of Caroline's awesome quotes from Season 3, Episode 18, "The Murder of One" to memory. Shamelessly quote her at any given opportunity.

9. Find out whether Damon would date you. Of course he would.

10. Tell us which Original Vampire absolutely cannot die in Season 3.

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11. Watch all the previews of "Heart of Darkness" on a continuous loop until it airs on April 26.

12. Read the entire series of TVD books.

13. Aww, look at Joseph Morgan's pony picture!

14. Plan a trip to a Vampire Diaries convention near you.

15. Buy the entire first and second seasons on DVD and have viewing parties with your pals. Bonus: There won’t be any pesky commercials to interrupt all those shirtless harrowing moments.

So there you have it, TVD fans. We can't say the hiatus won't hurt. But remember: We’re all in it together!

04.7.2012 / 02:17 AM EDT by Leslie Pandey
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