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The Vampire Diaries

5 Reasons Elena Should Choose Stefan in Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries

Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) has had to deal with a lot of death and destruction in her life, but at least there’s a silver lining: She’s got two gorgeous, smart, and all-around dreamy brothers fighting for her affections.

Although she and Stefan (Paul Wesley) seemed like they were on the road to happily ever after during the first two seasons, their break-up in the third season threw open Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) window of opportunity. But will she let it happen or slam it shut?

Here are five reasons why she should nip those feelings for Damon in the bud and get back together with the tried-and-true Stefan. And Delena fans? Before your blood pressure shoots through the roof, we’ve also got five reasons why Elena should choose Damon instead.

Stefan is fiercely loyal.
Stefan knew his relationship with Elena wouldn’t be able to survive his ripper road trip with Klaus (Joseph Morgan), but he went anyway to save Damon’s life. As painful as it was for her, she must know that he made the right choice. In fact, we suspect it’s what she would have done had she been in his shoes. These two are nothing if not honorable.

Stefan and Elena have history.
Back in the day, Stefan and Elena were Mystic Falls High School’s golden couple. Pretty much the only thing they ever fought about was the best way to protect Elena. (#MysticFallsProblems.) They were seriously and sublimely in love. Why wouldn’t she want to recapture that?

Stefan’s caring and romantic.
Remember when it seemed like the only way for Elena to survive Klaus’s quest to break the sun and the moon curse would be for her to turn into a vampire? Stefan planned out an amazing excursion to the elusive Mystic Falls where they watched the sunset, discussed their shared future, and celebrated her (supposed) last day as as human. Not every guy will do that for you!

Stefan’s flawed, but he’s trying.
No one’s perfect — even if they look it. We’ll admit Stefan’s issues are heavy ones, but at least he’s trying to deal with them. Before Klaus pulled him off the wagon, he seemed to have it all together. We have faith that he’ll do it again. Everything’s easier the second time (or third?) around, right?

He tries to protect her.
Even in the midst of his ripper madness, it took Klaus’s compulsion to get Stefan to bite Elena. But he still managed to stop. Even the big bad Original was surprised at how strong Stefan’s restraint was when it came to his lady love.

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