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American Idol

American Idol 2012’s DeAndre Brackensick Didn’t Expect the Judges to Save Him

From his twirls to his curls, DeAndre Brackensick was definitely a standout contestant in American Idol Season 11. Unfortunately, he couldn’t parlay that distinctiveness into votes, and he was sent home after the Top 8 performed. In a conference call with reporters, DeAndre explained why he wasn’t exactly surprised to be sent home, what he thought of Jimmy Iovine’s critiques, and just how he gets his hair to stay so bouncy.

Judge Jennifer Lopez was a vocal supporter of DeAndre, announcing to America that if it had been up to her, she would’ve saved him. However, mentor Jimmy Iovine predicted DeAndre would land in the Bottom 3 and said he might get sent home. It was a premonition that proved true, but DeAndre says he has no hard feelings toward the famous producer. “People have their own opinions,” DeAndre said. “It comes along with the gift and with the ride. It's all in love and I take everything to heart; it makes me want to drive further.”

Though J.Lo was clearly disappointed about not being able to keep DeAndre around for another week, the curly-haired contestant admitted he never expected to be saved. “I had a feeling I wasn't going to get saved, because I was a save already from the wildcard,” he explains. “There's only so many second chances.”

When asked why he thinks America voted him off this week, DeAndre pointed to his genre and his vocals. “My voice and my style is not popular these days. I'm trying to bring something back and it's not quite there in this generation,” said DeAndre. Not to mention Season 11 is packed with powerhouse vocals. “Everyone is just so good!” DeAndre said of his fellow contestants. “Someone has to go home every single week. It had to be me this week.”

Though DeAndre was disappointed to go home after what he felt was one of his best performances, he was still happy with the way his run on Idol ended. “When I was eliminated, it ended on a high note. No regrets,” he says. It seems like his elimination was tougher on his family. Before he began to sing for his life, he mouthed something to his sister, who was crying in the audience. “I was talking to my sister because she was crying,” explains DeAndre. He wanted to let her know he was fine. “I've accomplished so much, why be sad for things I've done? Why dwell on something that didn't happen than enjoy what has?”

Not only does he have a positive attitude, DeAndre also possesses amazing tresses. So what’s his hair secret? Sorry, ladies. DeAndre was just born that way. The only product he uses is a “little leave-in conditioner,” the 17-year-old says.

For his next steps, DeAndre is looking forward to the summer tour with his fellow contestants, and “hopefully getting a record deal out of this. I will grab on to anything — acting, modeling, whatever it is.”

Just spritz in a little leave-in conditioner, and you’re good to go, DeAndre!

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04.7.2012 / 12:59 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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