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Bones Season 7, Episode 7: We Break the Code! Your Guide to the Complex Terms in “The Prisoner In The Pipe”

We love Bones with every fiber of our being (clavicle and maxilla included), but do you ever scratch your head in confusion as Brennan (Emily Deschanel) rattles off a bunch of big words at her fellow geeks? Join the club. Lucky for you, we rounded up terminology from Season 7, Episode 7, “The Prisoner in the Pipe” so you can improve your squintern skills! This is like the SATs all over again, only with fewer tears.

1. Stapes: Latin for "stirrup", the stapes is the smallest bone in the human body and is attached to the ear. Awww, what a precious nickname for Brennan' new baby!

2. Mucosal Plug: Remember when Brennan joked about how fab her mucosal plug was? Try to forget. The mucosal plug is a ball of mucus (obvs!) that seals the cervical canal during pregnancy. Well, there goes lunch.

3. Sphenoid: One of the many bone chips recovered from the victim's body, a sphenoid is a small bone in the human skull that looks like a butterfly! Somehow we don't think Brennan would appreciate that fact. Sigh.

4. Maxilla: A maxilla consists of two bones in the upper jaw. Remember this bad boy, because it gets thrown around all the time on Bones.

5. Ailanthus Altissima: Hodgins (TJ Thyne) loves himself some dirt particulates, and this week's big find was from a "Tree of Heaven," a deciduous tree native to Taiwan and China. Seriously, how does the Hodge even know these things?

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04.7.2012 / 04:25 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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