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Jersey Shore

Is Jionni Good for Snooki? His Best and Worst Moments on Jersey Shore

Devoted Jersey Shore fans have watched as Jionni LaValle grew from Snooki's random hookup (whose name she couldn't even remember) to her devoted, but sometimes controlling, boyfriend, to her current fiance and the father of her unborn child.

It seems like Jionni has sealed the deal with Snooki, but is he actually good for her? Were taking a look at his best and worst moments on Jersey Shore so that you can weigh the evidence for yourself.

Bad: Jionni fights with Snooki over the phone during Season 4: First Jionni got mad at Snooki for not calling him soon enough after getting to Italy in Season 4, Episode 2, which we call BS on. She was busy traveling to another country! Then he got mad at her for declaring that she wanted to suck his butt on Season 4, Episode 6, which, yeah, is kind of a weird thing to say, but she’s Snooki. That's her attempt to be sweet and sexy. What the hell did he expect from her? Even worse: Later in the episode he accused her of cheating on him because she called to say she missed him. Talk about trust issues.

Good: Snooki and Jionni reunite in Italy: Jionni came to visit Snooki in Italy on Season 4, Episode 8, and he was legitimately (and sweetly) excited to see his girl. Also, he gets major props for basically ignoring The Situation when Sitch got all up in his face for literally no reason.

Bad: Jionni is the worst in Italy: Unfortunately, things spiraled out of control when Snooki got drunk and flashed her cooka at a bar, leading Jionni to storm off into the Italian night with no explanation of where he was going. We get that Snooki was not on her best behavior, but Jionni's reaction was ridiculous.

Good: Jionni forgives Snooki for hooking up with Vinny: We like that Jionni was willing to give Snooki another chance after she hooked up with Vinny in Italy. To be fair, she only fell back into Vinny's bed because Jionni had been such a massive dick, but still. This counts for something.

Bad: Jionni's drunk night: Somehow, we'd find Jionni constantly getting mad at Snooks for drinking more palatable if he hadn't gotten totally smashed and then ignored her all night when he was supposed to be visiting her to hang out together on Season 5, Episode 8.

Good: Jionni didn't give in to The Situation's taunting: The Situation finally managed to corner Jionni on Season 5, Episode 10, and told him about his alleged hookup with Snooks. Jionni, instead of flipping out and causing the fight Sitch so clearly wanted, just shrugged and walked away, like a reasonable human being.

In the end, it seems like Jionni's worst moments were prompted by the stress of filming and being separated from Snooki because of Jersey Shore. The fact that he never rose to Sitch's bait gives us hope that he has a good head on his shoulders.

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