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The Vampire Diaries

Choose Your Doppelganger: Would You Rather Be Friends With Elena or Katherine on The Vampire Diaries?

Nina Dobrev has been doing an amazing job pulling double duty on The Vampire Diaries as Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce. But not all doppelgangers are created equally. The identical ladies couldn’t be more different on the inside — and occasionally on the outside (just look at their hair).

Katherine’s definitely more of a party girl. Even back in 1400s Bulgaria, she managed to be 16 and pregnant by some random dude. Throughout her centuries of vampire life, she’s turned heads — and enjoyed doing so. Whether she’s chugging bourbon or bedding hotties, Kat’s always up for a good time, but her greatest loyalty is to her own health and well-being. She also has a penchant for attractive brothers.

Actually, that brother thing is something she has in common with Elena, but that’s about where the similarity ends. Elena is sacrifice-happy, willingly throwing herself at every threat to save those she cares about. Much more subdued than Katherine, Elena is also more thoughtful and sweet. With all the murder and mayhem going on around her, Elena usually manages to keep a cool head.

There are pros and cons to being buds with either of them. While we’d totally be down to do some shots with Katherine, we’d have to constantly be on guard so she didn’t stab us in the back (or bite us on the neck). Elena is kind and caring, but she has so many problems herself that she can’t always be there for her friends. Plus we’d insist on giving her a makeover because those henleys have to go.

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