Hart of Dixie Scoop: Cress Williams Promises “Twists and Turns” Before the Wedding Finale – Exclusive
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Hart of Dixie Scoop: Cress Williams Promises “Twists and Turns” Before the Wedding Finale – Exclusive

For a sleepy southern town, Blue Bell sure has its share of action. Back tonight with new episodes, the CW dramedy Hart of Dixie is about to ramp up its drama by taking our love pentagon between Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson), George Tucker (Scott Porter), Lemon Breeland (Jaime King), Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams), and Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel) and maybe by the end of the season turn it into two plain old couples.

Ok, that may be too much to ask for, but rest assured something big is going to happen. Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Cress Williams to get the scoop on the dash to the altar for the big wedding finale — and who might not be doing the dashing.

Wetpaint Entertainment: You’re finally back from hiatus. Is it a straight dash to the altar from this point on?

Cress Williams: Oh, I wouldn’t say a straight dash. There’s some twists and turns there, and I don’t know if we make it to the altar. But it’s definitely not a straight dash. It starts to get a little messy and sticky.

We hear that George is going to figure out that something is going on between Lavon and Lemon. Is that something that gets explored more before the finale?


What do you think fans make of the Lemon-Lavon connection? I would think a lot of people are rooting for them to get together despite her relationship with George?

It’s like so many camps! I hear people who are like, “We want Lemon and George,” or we want “Lemon and Lavon.” “We want Zoe and this and that.” I mean I’ve heard everything. So I think, because everybody’s so split, some people will be very happy, and everybody’s going to be a little confused. Let me put it that way. Because it’s the first season, so nothing should get answered clearly. You know what I mean? There should be room for things to change, and we leave that room.

It’s been teased that there are three wedding dresses ready to go for the season finale. Is it safe to say that they are Lemon’s?

No, that’s not safe to say. It’s safe to say that a female wears the dress.

What are some of the other story lines that we’re going to see before the end of the season?

Well, in the episode before the hiatus, you discovered that George’s dad is ill, so that’s going to get worked out (with the help of guest star Gary Cole). Zoe’s got a love triangle herself that is not going to get worked out, but you are going to get deeper into that.

And you? Are you going to end the season happy?

Is anybody ever really happy? Am I going to end the season happy? Possibly.

We hear there will be a cliffhanger at the end. Is it pretty obvious at that point what Season 2 is going to be about?

No, I wouldn’t say the whole season. It’s obvious what issues have to be looked into, but I don’t think you have a clear-cut idea of what season two is going to be about. I think these relationships are much more complicated than an episode here, episode there. Honestly, it actually gets a little bit more complicated.

Could it be more complicated than it already is?

It can.


Like folds of an onion.

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