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How I Met Your Mother Spoilers: Barney/Robin AND Robin/Ted Are Still “on the Table”

It's the love triangle that will never, ever die, no matter how much we want it to. After Ted confessed his love for Robin again earlier this season (How I Met Your Mother Season 7, Episode 16: "The Drunk Train") we were annoyed. But then the storyline resolved with Robin realizing she doesn't want to be with Ted and moving out, effectively putting a nail in that relationship forever.

Or did it?

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TVLine recently spoke to HIMYM creator and executive producer, Carter Bays, who had a thing or two to say about the Barney/Robin/Ted love triangle.

Apparently we aren't as 100 percent free of Robin/Ted relationship as it seems. Carter says a reconnection between them is "always on the table." Even though we know for a fact that Robin ends up being "Aunt Robin," not "your mom Robin." Ugh, whatever.

In better news, at least for Barney/Robin shippers, Carter teased that although Barney seems to be going strong with Quinn and Robin "wants the best for [Barney]," there is still the "lingering question" about her feelings for him.

"It’s a love triangle," Carter explained of Barney/Robin/Ted. "As long as they're all in each other’s worlds, there’s always going to be that tension between these three characters. It’ll take something big happening for that to go away."

Something big like Ted actually meeting the mother, perhaps? Of course, since that probably won't happen for another two billion years, we should all prepare ourselves for the possibility of more love-triangle shenanigans before the show is done.

Source: TVLine

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