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Mad Men: Is Ginsberg the New Don Draper? You Tell Us

On last night’s Mad Men (Season 5, Episode 4: “Mystery Date”), we got our second helping of Michael Ginsberg (Ben Feldman). And we kind of loved it. But did Don (Jon Hamm)?

Not at all. In short, Don’s team was responsible for pitching a campaign about women’s shoes for their client, and Ginsberg nailed it not just once, but twice. After the happy clients said “Sold” to his first storyboard with the line, “You’ll never tell, they’ll never be able to,” (referring to the shoes, er, “footwear” being elegant yet affordable), Ginsberg decided to describe his original Cinderella-inspired idea, much to Don’s dismay.

We won’t get into the parallels between Ginsberg’s two brilliant ideas and the real-life news story in the background of this episode, involving the nursing student massacre by Richard Speck, but we think it’s safe to say that we got a glimpse inside Ginsberg’s head. And, despite his ostensible gag reflex when it comes to blood and murder, it’s a very dark place.

Who else at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is a creative “genius” (we loved Don’s cough after the client used this word to describe Ginsberg) with a very dark mind? Don, of course.

So, we wonder, is Ginsberg the new Don? He’s certainly smart and clever enough, and he clearly has enough personal issues. Sure, the “regional accent” may be distracting, but it already passed Don’s audio test. With Don out sick and Ginsberg running the creative show quite successfully, should Don be looking a little more closely over his shoulder?

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Molly Friedman is an editor at Wetpaint. Follow her @MollyFriedman.

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04.9.2012 / 08:34 PM EDT by Molly Friedman
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