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Top 5 Wetpaint Fan Theories for Castle’s Season 4 Finale!

Castle’s jaw-dropping Season 4 finale is drawing nearer, and with it comes a host spoilers and even more speculation thanks to those spoilers. While we admittedly love to conjure up our own fantasies about what’s coming for the crime dramedy, it’s really you people, the fans, who have the best predictions about the show’s future.

We know that in the final episode, “Always,” we will revisit Beckett’s sniper shooting and Johanna Beckett’s murder, which will all tie-in to Castle finally revealing his secret. Based on that information, you guys have concocted some pretty crazy (and by crazy, we mean awesome) assumptions.

Check out five of the wildest Castle Season 4 theories, brought to us by you, the faithful fans!

5. Gates Suspends Beckett

Castle aficionado Tanya set the tragic final scene for us:

After the secrets are revealed, Castle and Beckett realize that they can no longer act like they don't care about each other. Rick shows up at Kate's apartment and after a little fight about what they've done, Kate steps forward and give Rick their real first kiss. Tender, but passionate at the same time. As they are about to … you know, Kate gets a call. It's Gates, she asked her to meet her at the precinct, ASAP. After what happened, Castle does not want to leave Beckett's side so he goes with her to the 12th. Waiting outside, he doesn't hear what it is said, but can see what's happening by looking at the window.

Gates: Remember when we first met back in the fall. Remember what I told you? That "my" precinct was no place for vendettas? I told you, you or other cops would investigate your own shooting. I thought we understood each other.

Beckett: Sir, Castle is not a cop. He was only doing it to protect me.

Gates: Is that right? Was he protecting you too from the late Captain Montgomery? Because now I have to open an investigation on the late Captain.

Beckett: W-What? Look, sir, I can explain, but-

Gates: Oh, and you will. The Board will hear you in a few weeks.

Beckett: Sir, I don't understand.

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Gates: You've been holding information concerning Captain Montgomery and you and your pal over there have been investigating your own shooting. Until I get to the bottom of all this, I'm asking you to turn in your bag and your gun … Det. Beckett!

Beckett looks at Gates and cannot believe what's she just heard. She gives her her bag and her gun and walks away.

Castle: Kate, what's going on?
Beckett: Gates just suspended me, I'm not longer a cop as of now.


4. The Military Man Guest Star is Beckett’s Sniper — and Out to Get Castle

Fangirl Brenda wrote: “My money's on [the military man] being the sniper … Wouldn't it be awesome if said guy above was her sniper … and ALSO tried to harm Caste? I mean … lets just thicken the twisted little plot we've got. Maybe he'll play a major role in pushing Castle and Beckett back together after the whole ‘Detective Slaughter’ bit.”

3. Even Worse, He’s Related to Castle

Fan Frederik wrote: “Somehow [the military man] looks like Castle/Nathan. He's probably the sniper, but I'm thinking what if he's related to Castle? That would make one hell of an episode!”

We couldn’t agree more.

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2. It Was All A Dream

Far-fetched as it may be, Castle fan Carla joked that maybe Season 4 was all in Beckett’s head.

She wrote: “No, I know! She's going to wake up in the hospital bed and all of season 4 was just a bad dream!-) And then they can start all over again, preferably with a little less frustration."

Hey, we wouldn’t mind!

1. Lots of Heated Kissing

Perhaps our fave and most realistic theory, fan Brenda wrote: “As much as I'd like to see them hook up, I don't think that's the ‘boom’ they're talking about. 4x19 and 4x20 have built up a look of frustration in Castle and Beckett, and at some point that's all going to blow up. My money's on them fighting … then kissing … lots of heated kissing, but nothing more.”

What do you think is going to have in the Castle Season 4 finale? Share your own wild theories below!

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