Will Madison and Ethan Hook Up on Secret Life?
Credit: ABC Family    
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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Will Madison and Ethan Hook Up on Secret Life?

Did anyone else sense some illegal sexual tension going on between Secret Life of the American Teenager's resident outcast, Madison Cooperstein, and Ricky's pervy foster brother, Ethan?

Last week, Ethan cornered Madison and delivered this amazing gem of a pick-up line, which left us both overcome with LOLs and super worried about Mads:

"Look at you. Damn, any guy would wanna sleep with you. You are so good-looking, you know that? And sexy. You are really sexy. You look all innocent, but hey, you're hot."

Now, most adult women would be horrified to hear a 14-year-old say that, but Mads is no regular gal. Her convo with Ethan might have been quick and innocent, but did it set the groundwork for a not-so-hot hookup?

As Ricky thoughtfully reminded us, if Mads and Ethan lock lips she could face jail time. Sigh, let's hope this gal realizes that sleeping with an underage bad-boy is an even worse idea than kissing Jesse!