Gossip Girl Season 5 Speculation: Who Is Chuck Bass’ REAL Mom?
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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Season 5 Speculation: Who Is Chuck Bass’ REAL Mom?

After last week’s revelation that Uncle Jack was not the donor responsible for Chuck (Ed Westwick)’s life-saving blood transfusion, our dark knight of the Upper East Side began the search – again – for his long gone (but never forgotten) mother.

In last night’s Season 5, Episode 19, “It Girl, Interrupted,” C-Bass took two majors steps forward and learned that a) his mama has been in Vienna for the past few months, and b) Elizabeth Fisher — she of possible parentage in Season 3 — was far away in Tibet when said donation took place!

Dun dun dunnnn…

We know this storyline isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and because we love Chuck Bass somethin’ fierce and hate to see him suffering, we’ve put on our thinking caps and come up with some thoughts on who the mystery Mama might be — according to her connection to the definitely-involved Diana Payne (Elizabeth Hurley)...

Those currently in the running towards becoming the Upper East Side’s Next Top Mother are:

Diana Payne herself!

Gossip Girl Season 5 Speculation: Who Is Chuck Bass’ REAL Mom?
Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW 2011 The CW Network    

Paging Captain Obvious! Sure, Diana has yet to be connected to the Bass fam by anything other than that weird phone call with Jack Bass and that photo in Bart Bass’ file at vdW HQ, but… Wait, right, those are the exact reasons we have for thinking this is dead.on. Face it, D is the only extra person around the show lately that’s a possible contender for the title, and she’s been strangely absent in recent months (Vienna, anyone?). Her face popped up for a nanosecond when Ivy handed off Bart’s file, and she made a phone call to Jack immediately after Chuck’s accident. But that’s just the thing – is it too obvious? We thought we had that whole royal wedding thing figured out, too, and we didn’t see all those twists and turns coming! When has GG ever made the path to a big reveal this clear? So, maybe it’s…

Perhaps the connection between Bass and Payne is that they, in fact, share parental units? Is it possible that there’s some torrid affair in the Bass family archives that left two full siblings separated because of a bitter feud between parents? That’d lend itself to a sad-mack daddio, Bart, keeping tabs on his long-gone daughter, anyway, and explain the photo in his file. (Allow our imagination to run wild, would ya?) On the other hand, why Diana would have ended up outside the Bass family loop, we can’t say for sure. Nor can we explain the signif gap in ages between the would-be siblings. Maybe it’s more likely, that it’s…

Kinda, anyway. This theory would mean that Chuck and Diana are half-siblings, sharing a father in Bart Bass. That would mean Chuck’s mom is NOT Diana’s mom, but perhaps because she’s the older of the two, she’d know who the woman is… And with Bart’s sketchy DNA coursing through the veins of both of these occasional-baddies, Diana could have given the blood donation that saved Chuck’s life! Yeah? Maybe?

TELL US: Who do YOU think Chuck’s real mother is? Are we close? Way off the mark? Hit the comments and tell us your theory!

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