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Jersey Shore

JWOWW’s Purple Dog Starts Blogging. In Other News, JWOWW Needs a Job

JWOWW’s pampered pooches will probably earn co-star credits on her and Snooki’s upcoming Jersey Shore spin-off show. Photographers caught JWOWW and Snooks walking Pomeranian Bella and maltese-y mix Noel almost every day when the pregnant meatball and her big sis were filming in Jersey City.

So we can’t really feign shock when we discovered that these glamour bitches have started blogging. In a section on JWOWW’s website called Pup Posts, Noel recently blogged about her fashionable (though attacked by PETA) purple dye job:

“People began to notice how cool and sassy we looked and soon we became the talk of the town! Bella and I always strive to stay fresh to death and I think we really outdid ourselves with our latest look.”

We can’t decide if Noel Farley’s new blogging gig means that she’s a bored little pup, or if this whole idea means that JWOWW should probably start looking for more endorsements or tanning products to sell. Getting your dog a job is cute and all, but it doesn’t pay the rent.

Need a Jersey Shore fix? Catch the next new episode of The Pauly D Project on Thursday, April 12 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.


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