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Top 3 Most Shocking Moments From Bones Season 7, Episode 8: “The Bump In The Road”

Monday night’s episode of Bones (Season 7, Episode 8, “The Bump In The Road”) was a non-stop rollercoaster of splattered remains, genius babies, men in panties, and southern man-babes. We’ve rounded up the five most shocking moments for you to look back on — and also? We recommend you put down that slice of pizza... Unless decapitated heads make you hungry.

1. Finn Abernathy Walks Into a Room, Michelle Falls In Love!
Prepare your ovaries, ladies — Finn Abernathy and his middle-parted hair of dreams is about to sweep you off your feet with his folksy charm. Finn is such a ladies man that he managed to make Cam's (Tamara Taylor) daughter, Michelle, fall in love with him in the space of just one episode, and, at this point, we're convinced he could impregnate someone with a simple "hey, y'all." That's how powerful his testosterone is. We can't wait to see Michelle and Finn's relationship heat up — hopefully with another hot-to-trot parking lot make out session!

2. Hodgins (TJ Thyne) Gets Way Too Excited About Dead Person Boogers
Bones wouldn't be the gross-out show we know and love if we didn't come away from every episode with an upset stomach. This week, we were treated to an especially delightful bloody human skull, with snot pouring out of its nose, to boot! Hodgins and the gang were way too excited when they evacuated the nasal canal of that poor shop-a-holic, and we had to watch about 10 episodes of back-to-back Extreme Couponing in order to recover from this jaw-dropping scene!

3. Angela (Michaela Conlin) Keeps Her Baby In A Filing Cabinet, We Remain Concerned
As we all know, Baby Christine is the most adorable baby this side of the Washington Monument, but Baby Michael is a close second. Of course, no one would know that, because he spends his days living in Angela's filing cabinet. You guys, we're worried. The concept of a filing cabinet full of babies is thrilling, but is the Jeffersonian really a good place for Baby Michael and his ZZ top hat to hang out? Then again, this kid needs material for his future rock album, and human remains are as good a place as any to start.

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04.10.2012 / 10:08 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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