Vampire Diaries Characters We’ve Heard About But Haven’t Seen
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Characters We’ve Heard About But Haven’t Seen

Ever since we heard that we’re about to meet some oft-discussed yet thus-far unseen characters on The Vampire Diaries, we got to thinking about the other Mystic Falls residents we’ve heard about who have yet to appear on screen. We’re starting to think some of these people are ghosts — or flashbacks waiting to happen.

So who are these mysterious characters?

Bill Forbes’s ex-boyfriend, Stephen
Bill Forbes (Jack Coleman) is such a martyr. Not only does he decide not to turn into a vampire, he tells his daughter, Caroline (Candice Accola), not to call his ex, Stephen, until he’s dead. There goes our hope of ever meeting him. Something tells us that even if Bill and Stephen hadn’t spoken in awhile, he might have still appreciated a heads-up that his ex-boyfriend was about to bite the dust. (Maybe we should still hold out hope for Stephen’s daughter, though? Caroline was on her way to her party when she found Vicki’s body in Season 1.)

Bonnie’s dad
It took two and half seasons to introduce Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) mom (Persia White), but we still haven’t met the dude she lives with right in town. All we really know about him is that he doesn’t really approve of magic, and for some reason, Bonnie doesn’t have his last name. Or is his last name Bennett, too? Show yourself, Pops. We have a lot of questions for you.

Katherine’s baby daddy
Who is this unknown dude who knocked up Katherine (Nina Dobrev) back in the 1400s? We have no clue, other than that he was probably Bulgarian and hot. We see the result — Katherine gives birth to a baby girl who is taken away from her almost instantly. Where does the little one go? Considering Kat eventually gets vampirzed and her whole family is slaughtered, it was obviously for the best that the child was given up for the 15th century version of adoption.

The Original Petrova
Tatia is a 10th century beauty who spawned a whole line of doppelgangers, including Elena (Nina Dobrev). Much like her descendants, she had two brothers fighting over her, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) andElijah (Daniel Gillies). It was her blood that led to the creation of the Originals when Esther (Alive Evans) worked a spell to turn her children into vampires. It’s unknown if Tatia remained mortal or died from the spell, so hopefully we’ll see her in both flashback and centuries later.

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