Vienna Girardi Is Back Dating “Love Of My Life” Ex-Boyfriend… Again
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Vienna Girardi Is Back Dating “Love Of My Life” Ex-Boyfriend… Again

Apparently it’s meant to be! Anyone watching Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl on VH1’s Couples Therapy probably noted how upset Kasey got when Vienna was texting her ex back home in Florida. The ex is Brian Lee Smith (who goes by "Lee"), whose name has been coming up in tabloid stories since Vienna was dating Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor Season 14.

Vienna and Lee seemed to be back together in January when Vienna tweeted about “Date night with my bubbie,” including a photo of Lee. But then in February she tweeted, “To clear up rumors! My ex Lee and I are not dating. I am single and focusing on my family, my business and myself for awhile. Xo.” She followed that with, “He isn't ready to grow up. RT @daviscld: @ViennaGirardi what happened to ‘date night with my bubbie’?”

But now that Couples Therapy is airing, it looks like Vienna and Lee are back together. On April 4 she tweeted, “I went on couples therapy to figure my life out & what makes me happy. I did just that! I'm w/ the love of my life and very happy!” A fan asked if she’s with someone else and she tweeted, “Im with my college sweetheart! Who I was w/ for 4 years.”

That’s Lee. She also tweeted about spending Easter on the beach with him and her family. And it sounds like Lee may be making an appearance on Couples Therapy. Back in December, the rumor mill went nuts about Vienna storming off the VH1 set when Lee showed up. But Vienna clarified the situation on December 27, tweeting, "To correct all rumors about the show: I didn't storm off the set, I didn't yell at producers & I knew my ex was coming (I called him)."

Long story short, anyone watching Couples Therapy thinking there’s even a glimmer of hope that Kasey and Vienna will be getting back together … nope! Even if V wasn’t back with the love of her life, we can all probably agree that Kasey and Vienna are better off apart. Far apart.

Source: Twitter

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