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Teen Mom

16 and Pregnant Recap of Season 4, Episode 4: Lindsey Harrison

Watch your baby bumps, ya'll, because this week's 16 and Pregnant starlet is packing some serious punches.

Give a warm welcome to Lindsey Harrison, a high school cage fighter/model from The Silver State whose life gets turned upside down when she ditches the boxing gloves in exchange for stretch marks and dirty diapers.

Happily Ever After

Lindsey moves in with Forest after giving birth to Aniyah — but they're far from living happily ever after. Baby Aniyah is a lot of responsibility, and Linds doesn't even have help from her besties because they've completely abandoned her.

Girlfriend decides to get her life back on track, so she makes up with her mom and starts cage fighting four days a week!

We can't wait for Lindsey to "go pro" and follow her dreams of becoming a police detective (that's right, totally amazing) — but we hope Forest eventually gets a job so he can support his family.

Sigh, why do we suddenly have the urge to enroll in a sex-ed class?

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Pregnant Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Lindsey's an aspiring MMA fighter (and hunter!) and hopes to "go pro" as soon as she graduates high school. Her pregnant belly puts a major damper on her career, so she quits practice and doesn't even tell her trainer!

Like most teen moms, Lindsey's overwhelmed by her burgeoning baby bump — so thank goodness she has her family to lean on. This feisty beauty lives with her mom and younger sister — but their house is so small that she and her sis share a bed! Yikes, where will the baby sleep?

Sigh, at least Lindsey has her baby daddy, Forest, to lean on! Kinda. Forest broke up with Lindsey at the beginning of her pregnancy, and even though they're back together, he doesn't exactly seem reliable.

Then again, we might just be judging him due to his terrible facial hair. Just say no to sinister goatees, bro.

Baby Daddy Blues

There's no doubt that Lindsey's having a rough pregnancy, and to make matters worse, her mom, Lonita, isn't 100 percent upportive. Lindsey decides to move in with Forest, but the problem? Dolla dolla bills, ya'll.

Lindsey's man refuses to get a job while he's in school, which means Lindsey has to front the bills by flipping burgers. Uncool!

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After getting into a huge fight with Forest about their lack of cash flow, Lindsey goes into pre-labor and is put on bed rest, which means no work and no school.

So where's Forest during this dramz? Totally MIA.

Lindsey breaks up with her man because of his deadbeat attitude, but then takes him back as soon as he apologizes — right in time to have the baby!

The whole gang head to the hospital, and after five hours of painful labor Lindsey pops out Baby Aniyah. Sob!

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