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Castle Season 4 Spoiler: Why Hasn’t Castle Confronted Beckett About Her Secret?

In Castle Season 4, Episode 19: "47 Seconds," our will-they-or-won't-they leads, Kate Beckett and Richard Castle, were this close to saying they will.

But in typical Castle fashion, they were interrupted, not once, but twice — first by Esposito and later by Ryan — making it impossible for them to have "the talk."

Honestly, when are these two going to realize they shouldn't have serious conversations in the middle of the precinct during an open homicide investigation?

Just when we thought Caskett's luck had turned — that they'd finally have a moment to themselves to discuss taking their relationship to the next level — Beckett unknowingly let her secret slide. And Castle heard every second of it.

Instead of confronting the detective about her lie — that she remembered everything about the day she was shot, including Rick's "I love you" — Castle gave his partner the cold shoulder and shacked up with a hot blonde he met en route from Vegas.

His sudden shift in behavior left Kate Beckett feeling confused, hurt, and above all, scared. Maybe Sophia Turner was right — maybe he's still the same reckless, immature, self-centered, jackass he always was.

According to Castle creator Andrew Marlowe, our detective darling needn't worry. Rick hasn't reverted to his old ways, he's simply acting like a typical dude with a bruised ego.

"Men in general usually don't confront their feelings," he told TV Guide.

"He's certainly not the type of person to go up to Beckett and say, 'Hey, you hurt me!' because that would be exposing himself. He's expressing his anger with Beckett, and whether he knows it or not, he's trying to punish her without really putting his cards on the table."

Sounds like these two need a love intervention ASAP … and we know just the guy for the job.

Source: TV Guide

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