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Did Kim Kardashian Buy Things for Kanye West While She Was Still Married? Kris Humphries Reportedly Wants to Know

If Kim Kardashian was after a quick and painless divorce, publicly romancing a possible new boyfriend may not have been the best move.

Although sources claim Kim’s to-be-ex Kris Humphries isn’t bothered by his wife’s alleged new tryst with Kanye West, a new report from Radar Online says the NBA star does care about one minor detail of their relationship: whether his estranged wife spent money on the superstar rapper before filing for divorce in October.

According to an insider, under California law, Kris is “legally entitled” to any money Kim may have spent on Kanye, if he can prove she spent it. However, we seriously doubt Kim was the one spending cash on her blinged-out beau, since we all know Kanye’s feelings about gold diggers...

Radar’s source dishes: "Kris absolutely wants to know if Kim spent money on Kanye while he was married to her. If Kim took Kanye out to dinner, bought him any gifts, etc. Kris wants to know how much she spent, if anything at all.”

The former Mr. Kardashian reportedly believes that Kim and Kanye had an on-and-off fling during their short-lived relationship. With a divorce court date drawing nearer, we’ll find out the truth soon enough!

Source: Radar Online