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Glee Spoilers: Darren Criss Is About to Get Shirtless and Wet in the Shower!

As if you even needed another reason to be excited for Glee’s big TV return with Season 3, Episode 15: "Big Brother" on April 10, we’ve just uncovered a big one:

Darren Criss (Blaine). Shirtless. And wet.

E! Online reports that you can expect an upcoming Blaine shower scene. Well, an epically shirtless-and-wet boxing/shower montage, to be more precise. (This, people, is the reason TiVo was invented. Get those pause and rewind buttons ready!)

In other news from the upcoming ep, E! adds a bit more info on what to expect when Blaine’s big bro, Cooper (Matt Bomer) comes to town. We already knew that Cooper Anderson is a big-shot actor, and E! adds a few more details. Turns out that he’s the international spokesperson for a credit-rating commercial. Um... glamorous?

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In any case, the New Directions are duly impressed — though Matt himself is the first to admit Cooper’s acting advice might not be so solid. "It was fun to play somebody who has such strong convictions and opinions that are all completely ill-founded and misguided," He tells E! "But at the heart of it, you know he's really trying to look out for his brother."

Unfortunately, it sounds like some of Cooper’s advice may cause some of McKinley’s brightest to question their clearly-established plans. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he advises them all to stay away from New York!

“He tells them, "Whatever you do, don't go to New York," because he didn't have a good experience there and wants to save them the heartache of a very difficult business,” Matt says. Luckily, Kurt and Rachel don’t appear to be dissuaded from their dreams. We have it on very good authority that they’re still auditioning for NYADA.

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Finally, with E! calling Matt “this season’s best guest star” — and possibly the best guest star ever — is there a possibility that he could be returning to the show later down the road?

It’s always an option, of course. But let’s not forget that Matt is the star of his own TV show already. Plus, with Glee in LA and White Collar filming in New York, it wouldn’t exactly be the easiest commute.

Still, if it all works out, the dapper star says he would love to return to Glee. He tells E!, "I'd be there in a heartbeat!"

Source: E! Online, The Hollywood Reporter

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