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Glee’s Samuel Larsen Teases Big Changes Ahead for Joe in Season 3 — Exclusive!

So far, hunky Samuel Larsen’s been on the Glee sidelines—but not for long! He tells Wetpaint Entertainment that, when Season 3 returns on April 10, we’ll be seeing much more of his Christian character, Joe Hart, and the dreadlocked singing sensation is set to stir things up with our regular Glee faves at McKinley High.

Samuel got his break on the FOX hit after he won The Glee Project, on which hopefuls auditioned for a role on Glee. Now he’s opening up about what we can expect from his formerly home-schooled character and what it’s like to finally take center stage on one of TV’s hottest shows.

How big will Joe’s storyline be when Glee returns?
There’s definitely going to be a lot more Joe coming up. I’m really excited for everyone to see it because we come back in April, and then it just takes off. I can’t give away anything that’s coming up for Joe, but I’ll be singing. Maybe, maybe, maybe [singing] a little bit with some people. I can say that!

We need to press you a little bit more—without giving away too much, what will we learn about Joe?
I think the only thing I can really say is in the first episode, [when] Joe was introduced, you kind of find out that he was home schooled. It’s written all over his body. It’s just the way he dresses, the way he acts. And you can tell this kid has never seen people in his life. And obviously, he’s not home schooled anymore. I think anyone taken out of their comfort zone and put somewhere else will change.

What do you think of the fact that Joe’s a very tolerant Christian?
I think that’s great. It’s cool they’re writing that into a character. Because I’m a Christian, and I’m not judgmental towards anyone. I think that’s really important.

What’s it been like on the set?
It feels like home now. It’s just really fun and it’s a lot of hard work, but it’s really cool when you get to work really hard on something you care so much about.

Did you ask Damian [McGinty, his fellow Glee Project winner] for Glee advice?
Oh, yeah. Because by the time I got there, he was already well-knitted into the whole thing. It was great to have him around to just kind of help me and make me feel at home. Because showing up to work was kind of like the first day of school because everyone was already tightly knit, and I’m the new guy. It was nice to have someone there that I knew that didn’t intimidate me.

You haven’t had much screen time so far. Were you worried Joe would never be in the thick of it?
No, I wasn’t worried. That’s just how Glee works. Sometimes people are in the spotlight and sometimes they have to take the backseat for other people because it’s such an enormous cast. It’s just how it goes, you know? The storyline has to work. And if that means you have to wait, then that’s what you do. My time is coming.

What’s the best part about being on Glee so far?
It’s been a fantastic journey. I think one of the craziest things about it is, you guys watch the show and see Joe be introduced as a character. And you go, I wonder who this kid is and what he’s about? I’m trying to find out, too! Each script I get, it takes a little bit of a turn. And it’s fun because I’m finding out who he is along with you guys. The only difference is, I have to make him seem real.

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