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Glee’s Top 5 Brittana Moments So Far — Which Is YOUR Fave?

It’s no secret that you guys are seriously crazy about Brittana, as proven by their win in our recent favorite-couple poll. But which were the moments that really made us all so cuckoo for this twosome? We’ve looked back on their sometimes turbulent — and other times freakin’ magical — friendship-with-benefits to pick our five favorite moments. Let’s face it — this is a duo we want to link pinkies with for life.

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5. Santana wears the “Lebanese” t-shirt.
(Season 2, Episode 18: “Born This Way”)
The only t-shirt we ever made for someone was in the late ‘80s and involved puffy paint, so we can tell you that it was not nearly as adorable a gesture as Brittany’s “Lebanese” shirt for Santana. Santana at first rejects the shirt because she’s with Karofsky (remember that plotline?), but she puts it on by the end. Who knew a spelling mistake could be so cute?

4. Santana tells Brittany, “You are the unicorn.”
(Season 3, Episode 2: “I Am Unicorn”)
When Kurt worries that the campaign Brittany has spearheaded is a little too fabulous, Santana is there to tell Brittany that she’s “brilliant” and there’s no one like her. And considering things with Brit and Artie ended because he told her she’s the opposite of brilliant, it’s nice to see Santana appreciating Brittany’s gifts. (It’s also clear that Santana has a liberal definition of “brilliant,” but we all bend the truth for the ones we love, right?)

3. Brit says she voted for Santana. (So much for a secret ballot.)
(Season 2, Episode 20: “Prom Queen”)
When a crestfallen Santana found out that she wasn’t elected prom queen, it’s no surprise that Brittany’s the one to find Santana and tell her that she voted for her. Brittany also encourages Santana to be herself. Who knew that Brittany would start channeling her inner Dr. Phil?

2. Stevie Nicks would be proud.
(Season 22, Episode 19: “Rumours”)
We saw our first real display of emotion from Santana when she and Brittany sing “Landslide” with Holly, which ends with Santana in tears. Santana then admits that the song represents her feelings for Brittany. And who needs to actually spell out their feelings when you can have Fleetwood Mac do it for you?

1. Brittany says “I love you” and that “anything is possible”; we squeal for the next three hours.
(Season 2, Episode 22: “New York”)
Santana had told Brittany that she loves her back in “Sexy,” and Brittany responded likewise — but Brittany was still with Artie at the time, so it wasn’t quite the same. This time, Brittany really seems to mean those three little words, saying that she loves Santana more than she loves anything else in the world. Frankly, we don’t think we could love anything more than we love cookie dough ice cream, but we get where Brittany’s coming from.

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