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The Vampire Diaries

Rebekah’s Best Quotes From The Vampire Diaries (So Far)

Whenever Katherine (Nina Dobrev) leaves Mystic Falls, The Vampire Diaries loses a bit of its bite. That’s why we’re loving Original sass machine Rebekah (Claire Holt). Maybe growing up with a bunch of deadly brothers has taught her how to handle herself, but this blonde vamp knows a thing or two about one-liners. Check out some of her best quotes below.

Pay the price
Stefan (Paul Wesley): “Are you ever going to tell me your name?”
Rebekah: “Sure. When you earn it.”
Season 3, Episode 3, “The End of the Affair”

Doesn’t your lot prefer the term “strumpet”?
Rebekah: There has to be more to this dress.
Stefan: There’s not.
Rebekah: So women in the 21st century dress like prostitutes, then? I got dirty looks for wearing trousers.
Season 3, Episode 4, “Disturbing Behavior”

You’d think it’d get old after awhile
Rebekah (to Stefan): My brother’s been breaking your neck all afternoon. Quite the temper.
Season 3, Episode 5, “The Reckoning”

How can you tell?
Rebekah (about Elena): So this is the latest doppelganger. The original one was much prettier.
Season 3, Episode 5, “The Reckoning”

I wonder why she so crazy? She gets it from her mama
Rebekah (to Elena): Make no mistake: If you come after my brother, I will rip you apart. And I get my temper from my father.
Season 3, Episode 8, “Ordinary People”

Girl talk
Rebekah (to Elena): Stefan? Don’t worry. I’m off him until he starts treating me better. In fact, you should probably take a page out of my book, if I’m being honest.
Season 3, Episode 8, “Ordinary People”

A vampire with dentures?
Rebekah (to Kol): If you don’t shut your mouth, the next thing to come out of it will be your teeth.
Season 3, Episode 15, “All My Children”

Someone’s not Team Elena
Rebekah (to Elena): But for some reason everybody wants to bend over backwards to save your life. Which is incredibly annoying but makes you the perfect hostage. So why don’t you sit down and shut up before I ruin everything by ripping your head off?
Season 3, Episode 15, “All My Children”

Sulky Stefan < Ripper Stefan
Rebekah: Why are you so grumpy?
Damon (Ian Somerhalder): He’s on a master cleanse, trying to be a better man and all.
Rebekah (to Stefan): You know you were a lot more fun in the ‘20s.
Season 3, Episode 16, “1912”

That’s not what you said last night
Damon: You know you don’t have to disguise your true motives. If you want more sex, just ask for it.
Rebekah: Not enough liquor in the world.
Damon: Ah, it was too good for you to be this hostile.
Season 3, Episode 16, “1912”

Endangered siblings
Finn: You’re siding with him? Rebekah, he stored us in boxes.
Rebekah: At least he’s not trying to make us extinct.
Season 3, Episode 18, “The Murder of One”

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