What Do You Look for in a Dancing With the Stars Contestant?
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Dancing With The Stars

What Do You Look for in a Dancing With the Stars Contestant?

Sherri Shepherd's unexpected elimination on Dancing With the Stars Season 14 Week proved once again that sometimes charisma and star power aren't enough to get you through DWTS if you can't keep up, technically. Sherri was fun on the dance floor and was well-liked, but that wasn't enough to inspire fans to save her after a near-bottom score.

Of course, time and time again we've seen the opposite happen, too. From Brandy losing out to Bristol to Chaz Bono lasting far longer than seemed justified based on his technical skills, factors other than pure talent have always played a major part in who stays and who goes.

So we're curious: What do you care about most in your DWTS stars? Obviously, the very best contestants have the total package — technical skills, the ability to emote on the dance floor, charm, kindness, good looks etc. — but often we're forced to pick one talent over the other. What tends to be the most important factor for who gets your vote?

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