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The Voice

Which Voice Contestants Will Be Sent Home in Tonight’s Elimination Show on April 10, 2012?

While last week’s performances on The Voice were slightly controversial, it seems that this week’s results will be in line with what should happen.

Though the first hour of last night’s show (April 9) was arguably the weakest, it is possible that one of these 12 contestants will win the entire competition. But more on that later.

The evening started with Team Adam contestant Katrina Parker. Fresh from her comparison to Grammy-winner Adele, Katrina seemed determined to dress and alter her hair and makeup to match the famous singer.

In an attempt to distance his contestant from this image, Adam assigned Katrina a Smashing Pumpkins song. The performance was underwhelming, and though Cee Lo said that the staging took away from the song, we think it was the only thing keeping the song going.

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To liven things up a bit, Team Cee Lo contestant Cheesa came out with a cheesy disco song complete with a neon wardrobe and glitter-covered eyelids and lashes. Her dance moves were much appreciated, but we agreed with Adam — her voice isn’t special enough to make a lasting impression in this competition.

Next was fan favorite and former Mouseketeer Tony Lucca, singing Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.” It wasn’t his performance that turned heads, but rather Christina Aguilera’s comments attributing Tony’s popularity to “celebrity sway,” as opposed to true vocal ability.

We appreciate Christina’s honesty in a season of unwarranted compliments, but didn’t totally agree. Tony gave a safe, but strong performance, though some of his others have been more impressive.

Next was 50-year-old diva Kim Yarbrough, who impressed us with her mature, powerful sound in the battle round. But all the contestants seriously need to cool it with the Adele (unless Katrina Parker wants to go ahead and give in).

Kim was riding the struggle bus when it came time for the challenging chorus of “Rolling in the Deep,” and she never really recovered. Ultimately, there’s a reason why Kim hasn’t hit her big break all these years, and it’s not because she hasn’t tried.

Credit: Lewis Jacob/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

After James Massone’s battle round performance of “True Colors,” we were excited to see him pick things up a bit. Instead, Cee Lo decided to pimp James out a bit and had him sing the melodic Norah Jones tune “Don’t Know Why” while sitting atop a park bench on a leaf-covered stage. Typical.

James has a pure, beautiful sound, but Cee Lo is turning him into more of a girl-grabbing-gimmick than a true performer.

But the performance that turned the night around and marked one of the best songs of the competition was gritty rocker Juliet Simms singing “Roxanne” by The Police. Christina stood up, Adam cursed, and Cee Lo began shining his crown as the winning coach for Season 2. Each freely praised Juliet’s performance, calling it the best of the competition thus far, as Juliet looked on with an adorable, humble shock.

Slowing things down a bit, Team Adam contestant Mathai crooned to the John Legend ballad “Ordinary People.” Yes, she’s cute and has an interesting voice, but grinning while singing “seems like we argue everyday” doesn’t quite work. She was just too happy to be singing about a painful relationship.

Just like Adam’s critique of eliminated contestant Whitney Myer in the battle rounds, Mathai doesn’t have the necessary maturity to sing that song or really to stay in this competition for long.

Credit: Lewis Jacob/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Fresh from his new title of “father,” Broadway rocker Tony Vincent was ready to try for the title of “The Voice.” Sadly, the song selection didn’t allow his typically strong voice to shine, but we enjoyed seeing that fatherly glow as he grinned on stage post-performance. And we always enjoy seeing Blake Shelton making a fool out of himself as he attempts to understand set production.

Let’s start by saying: We like Karla Davis. She seems creative and up for a challenge. But watching her stand on that fake plane wing awkwardly hunched over and gasping for air in between the wordy stanzas of “Airplanes” was uncomfortable.

The song choice didn’t allow her voice to shine, but if we’re being honest, her voice isn’t powerful or different enough to last long on this show.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC NBC Universal, Inc.    

Speaking of little lasting power, Erin Martin’s performance of “Walk Like an Egyptian” was laughable and continued to prove that Cee Lo made a big mistake in allowing her to move on to this stage of the competition.

She looked ridiculous with her giant pharaoh-esque collar and troupe of shirtless male dancers, who were sadly the most exciting thing to watch. This former model’s good looks won’t be enough to keep her in the competition because despite the fact that she boasts “the full package,” that also includes singing, Erin.

Then we come to poor, innocent Pip. We love his voice, but we’ve seen some tiara-wearing toddlers who are more badass than this bowtie-wearing babe. Sadly, he tried to tackle a rock song by The Killers, and though we wouldn’t mind downloading it on iTunes, it was nothing special to watch. Stick to your old sound, Pip.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC NBC Universal, Inc.    

To end the night on a deliciously sweet note, Team Cee Lo presented another competition front-runner, Jamar Rogers. We love his high-energy performances almost as much as we love him!

Last night pretty much proved that though Cee Lo has made some mistakes along the way, his contestants reign supreme and will probably end up taking the entire competition.

Team Adam Bottom 3:

Karla Davis (Eliminated)
Katrina Parker (Safe)
Kim Yarbrough (Eliminated)

Team Cee Lo Bottom 3:

Cheesa (Eliminated)
Erin Martin (Eliminated)
Tony Vincent (Safe)

What do you think of these predictions? Comment below!

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