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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Who Is Christina Kiesel? Meet The Real Housewives of Vancouver’s Gold Digger!

If you're as addicted to The Real Housewives franchise as we are, you'll be thrilled to know that this scrumptious reality series is serving up a plate full of dramz to our friends in Canada! All The Real Housewives of Vancouver are created equal, but we're especially excited about self-declared gold digger Christina Kiesel, who makes her millions by marrying wealthy men and promptly divorcing them. Way to break that glass ceiling, girl!

Christina's the only single lady in this Canadian crop of blonde bombshells, but she has two filthy rich ex-husbands, and apparently that makes her a housewife. This gal loves the lifestyle of the rich and famous and says that traveling is her favorite pastime — she's been to 30 countries in the last four years!

Even though Christina leads a fabulous life, it was boredom that inspired her to join the Housewives. In fact, she had barely heard of the show before being asked to participate! "When I'm at home, I read and masturbate," Christina tells Dose. "I don't have a television, I don't have a DVD player, I don't even have the internet right now." Um, who else sees a problem here? How does this gal not own a TV? The horror!

Christina, who considers herself a "gay man in a beautiful woman's body," heard about The Real Housewives from her bestie, famed hairdresser Kevin Chase. Kevin will feature prominently in Christina's story, as will their "drunches" (drunk lunches).

In other news, Christina doesn't believe in monogamy. Hide your husbands, ladies of Vancouver, this gold-digger is on the prowl.

Source: Dose, Slice

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