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The Bachelorette

5 Reasons Why Emily Maynard’s Season of The Bachelorette Could Be The Best Ever

Spring is here and we’re feeling optimistic. Back in November we wrote about how Ben Flajnik’s The Bachelor 16 would be the best ever and … that didn’t happen. But this is a new day. And The Bachelorette is a different (better?) show. There are plenty of reasons to suspect Emily Maynard’s Season 8 — coming to TVs on May 14 — will be good from start to finish. Maybe even great. Here are five reasons Em’s blonde ambition tour could be the best show … ever!

1. Really, really hot guys
Yeah, we’re shallow. Not about everything, but definitely about The Bachelorette. One girl + 25 guys > 1 guy + 25 girls (especially if that one guy has “difficult” hair and no six-pack). Emily is gorgeous and clearly takes care of her body. She wants the same in her men. And bless her heart for it. Have you seen some of the guys who’ve already been spoiled as her (mostly ex by now) boyfriends? They look like Ken dolls — which is kind of perfect for Southern Barbie. As Reality Steve wrote last week, when spoiling more of her men, "Ummmmm, I’m beginning to think Emily asked for a certain ‘type’ on her season. You know, guys that have never eaten a carb in their life and that are more vain than her. Just a guess." Don’t worry too much about their vanity; Em’s only going to pick one of them, so the other 24 are for us. Some of the more adventurous ones will go on to Bachelor Pad 3 and it’s possible one of the favorites will be the Season 17 Bachelor. Winning! (Sorry, wrong season.)

2. Fewer jokers
At least one of these guys will hopefully be Emily’s future husband and Ricki’s future stepdad, so — all drooling aside — we need more than a few pretty faces. A source told In Touch that Emily wanted “only the best-looking, most mannered guys” and preferably guys who were well off, which probably just meant “they have jobs and won’t mooch off me or try to get a TV job right after the show.” We know Emily likes "funny/cute" guys and wants someone who makes her laugh, doesn’t take himself too seriously and can be her best friend. She was also not a fan of the crazies on Ashley Hebert’s season — The Mask! Drunk Tim! Bentley! — and reportedly demanded no villains. It’s possible to have a dramatic show without it turning into a trainwreck, so we’re hoping the chief drama comes from Emily having so many well-mannered gentlemen to chose from that she just can’t decide and we can’t decide who’d be best for her either!

3. Lots of romance
One of the special things about Season 8 should happen every year — making it known in advance who The Bachelorette will be, so there are no “Oh it’s HER?!” surprises. Even if the guys weren’t big fans of The Bachelor (imagine!) and their moms/sisters nominated them for the show, they knew before the premiere that Emily would be The Bachelorette. The knew she was a single mom and a major hottie. So, the guys who signed up were ready to date and potentially marry her — and some of them are single dads themselves. And according to excited tweets from Bachelor honcho Mike Fleiss, we have a lot of lovin’ headed our way. As he’s been tweeting while the show tapes, “@EmilyMaynard is on a truly romantic journey...,” “The guys are really battling for the love of @EmilyMaynard . Hardly a surprise...” and “We all had high hopes for @EmilyMaynard 's season. It's even better than we thought it would be!!!” Yes, it’s his job is to promote the show, but he doesn’t tweet stuff like that about everyone. Usually they focus on the drama of the show instead of the romance. But they know we’ve been missing the romance so that’s something they will hopefully keep emphasising.

4. Emily is sweet, but not TOO sweet
We all know Emily is a petite Southern belle, but Rosemaster Chris Harrison said Emily isn't exactly a pushover. "She's a pistol," Chris said on Live! With Kelly. "She's sweet right up until the time she's not. She's got that edge to her, which I love." He added in a little teaser, “if any gents are there for the wrong reasons, beware of the wrath of Emily.” As Fleiss tweeted, “@EmilyMaynard is willing to stand her ground. She can be one tough cookie. Good for her!!!” It’d be nice if they didn’t have any gents there for the wrong reasons at all, but … at least she gives them heck. Let’s just hope she keeps the sobbing to a minimum. The Bachelorettes tend to get very emotional and it’d be refreshing to see Emily as a sweet-but-tough cookie who doesn’t fall apart under pressure.

5. We’re owed a good one
We want nothing but the best for Ben and Courtney Robertson, but there’s no denying Bachelor 16 was ... troubled. Too much drama, not enough romance. It just wasn’t that fun to watch and, by the end, a lot of fans had turned against B + C and the show itself for all the emphasis on stuff that had nothing to do with love. The lower ratings seemed to reflect the discontent. This is known by The Powers That Be and it’s their job to make it up to us. There’s a lot you can do with editing and if they want to shape this into a warm-hearted, romantic journey about nice, good-looking people finding love, they can do that. They will probably do that. Why wouldn’t they do that?

04.12.2012 / 03:41 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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