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True Blood

6 Reasons Why True Blood Is Better Than The Vampire Diaries

Vampires are totally the new black. If we could wear them as a purse, we would. (Oh wait, we can.)

Right now, there are two blood-curdling vampy dramas on TV, but one is clearly superior. Move over Vampire Diaries, 'cause True Blood is back for a fifth season on June 10 and it’s totally going to bang your fang!

Who needs bromancing brothers when you can have demon babies, inbred cat people, and evil fairies? Count it!

Check out six reasons why True Blood is better than The Vampire Diaries!

1. There are tons of naked bods: Damon and Stefan are total studs, but the supernaturals on True Blood walk around naked like it’s their job.

Seriously, it’s like Alcide is allergic to T-shirts — and we’ve lost count of how many times we’ve seen Bill’s butt! If you love T & A, True Blood is the show for you.

2. There’s more sex: We’re dying for a graphic sex scene between Damon + Elena (and Stefan, if we’re being honest), but guess what? It’s never going to happen. If you’re craving some hot n’ heavy fangbanging, check out True Blood! The sexy fun don’t stop in Bon Temps.

Where else can you wander innocently through a graveyard only to get pounced by a dirty vamp who’s ready for some muddy loving?

3. There’s more gore: The vamps on True Blood and TVD both get their love-bite on, but True Blood’s bloodsuckers are way more into it.

They drain from places that we never knew had veins — and don’t get us started on the violent sex. Let’s just say we can’t see Stefan twisting around Elena’s head during the deed.

4. The vamps are hotter: Damon and Stefan may be hunky and whatever, but they’ve got nothing on Bill and Eric. As we all know, there are some major similarities between these vamps: Bill and Stefan love to chat about their feelings and cry all over their journals, and Damon and Eric are total badasses with a secret lovable side.

But let’s get real: Bill and Eric are bringing sexy back. Ladies are practically lining up in front of Eric for a hickey.

5. Who’s sick of teen angst? OK, fine — no one. But sometimes we need a break from emo teenagers who sulk around listening to Elliott Smith while lusting after glittery vamps.

True Blood has way more drama than your average high school locker room, and way more bigoted hillbillies. So there!

6. True Blood has fairies! Bon Temps isn’t just a home to a couple overly sensitive killers — it houses all kinds of super natural crazies!

Does The Vampire Diaries have Maenads? Negative. Fairies? Psshh, not even. Werepanthers? Please, they wish!

Not convinced? Get your vote on!

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