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The Bachelorette

Ali Fedotowsky: It Would Hurt to Hear Roberto Martinez Is Dating Someone New

Ali Fedotowsky has been the one speaking out about what went wrong in her relationship with Bachelorette ex-fiance Roberto Martinez, but that doesn’t mean she did all the breaking up. Just like Emily Maynard talking to Chris Harrison about her breakup with Bachelor Brad Womack doesn’t mean she launched that rocket on her own. The guys just stayed out of it while the women wanted to give the fans a heads-up on what happened. Besides, as Ali told Access Hollywood, she used to work for Facebook so she’s used to sharing tons of personal info!

After her breakup with Roberto, Ali talked to People magazine in a cover story — although she probably didn’t chose the cover words “Why I Left Him” — and she’s still talking to the media because 1) they keep asking her about Roberto; 2) it’s part of the deal when you sign up for this; 3) the fans are kind of owed some kind of explanation after investing in a Bachelor/ette love story; and 4) she has a new show coming out and while doing the media rounds she’s asked over and over to re-hash “what happened.”

Ali’s been plugging her new show, “1st Look,” all week and on Access Hollywood she reiterated that her 18-month engagement to Roberto ended because they BOTH wanted it to end. “The way we lived our lives on a daily basis was just really different,” Ali said. “It was 100 percent mutual, both of us.” She doesn’t want people to think they just gave up — and she disagreed with Billy Bush, who argued that a breakup is never “mutual.” They tried, Ali said, but found themselves to be unhappy. “When you try and you and try and it doesn’t work out, then it can be mutual, when you really have worked at it for a long time.”

She said if she found out that Roberto was dating someone new, of course it would hurt a little bit. She also felt bad when she was photographed with Charlie Ritchie, who is just a friend, and stories came out saying that they were dating. (Sorry!) They weren’t dating and she was sad because she thought it might’ve hurt Roberto to think she moved on so quickly. She hasn’t moved on — to anything but this new TV show.

Watch the video below for more breakup details from Ali.

Source: Access Hollywood

04.12.2012 / 05:03 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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